Emulsion Polymers Market- Global Revenue Growth Expectations in the Near Future

Regulatory bodies such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have been taking immense efforts in framing stringent rules for increasing usage of bio-based products, thereby minimizing noxious impacts on environment.

These standards have been framed under CAA (Clean Air Act) for controlling toxic chemical emissions and such initiatives have been enabling in promotion of emulsion polymers that are water-based.

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China to Showcase Tremendous Revenue Growth in Emulsion Polymers Market

Growing availability of feedstock as well as low-costs related to setting up pf the manufacturing facilities is expected to drive APAC emulsion polymers market. Low labor and manufacturing cost coupled with lower water and electricity costs are further driving the growth rate of APAC emulsion polymers market.

China emulsion polymers market is stimulating at a rapid pace with surging production of specialty chemicals. North America and Europe are facing significant challenges from China as it is at present, the second biggest synthetic latex polymers consumer across the globe. However, increasing number of paint industries and rising constructional projects are likely to boost the growth of North America emulsion polymers market.

Acrylics Products to Gain Significant Traction in Emulsion Polymers Market

Growing focus of consumers towards appearance and quality is leading to increasing development of enhanced quality paints along with technology driven coatings, which in turn drives demand and supply of emulsion polymers. Increasing demand for acrylics for the purpose of water treatment further boosts revenue growth of emulsion polymers market.

Surging usage of acrylics in personal care items and superabsorbent polymers due to its quick drying ability and water resistance features fuel the demand and supply of emulsion polymers. However, declining crude oil prices is likely to negatively impact on the growth of emulsion polymers market as emulsion polymers are created from natural gas and crude oil.

Heavy Investments to Be Key Expansion Strategy of Emulsion Polymers Market Manufacturers

For catering to the demand of developing regions such as APAC, manufacturers in emulsion polymers market are taking immense efforts in investing for expansion of facilities as well as product portfolios. In addition, manufacturers are focusing on adopting low-cost strategy for expansion of their customer-base in the long run.

Over time, prominent players in emulsion polymers market will focus on innovations for differentiating their products form others and would be shifting their attention towards developing bio-based products.

  • BASF:The emulsion polymers market player has recently expanded its acrylic dispersions production capacity in Malaysia. This new production portfolio has been developed for catering to the growing demand from New Zealand, Australia and ASEAN markets. Heavy investments are expected to multiply the production capacity of the acrylic dispersions for the purpose of adhesives, coatings and construction. This new facility will start its operations by 2020, which in turn will create high growth opportunities for emulsion polymers market in the long run.
  • The DOW Chemical Company:The emulsion polymers market player has been taking immense efforts in driving its bottom-line growth than the top-line ones for attaining better cash flow conversions as well as maintaining strong investment grade ratings throughout the cycle. Further, the company has streamlined its balance sheet and capital structure that would help the Dow Company in improving its shareholder returns. The advancement is likely to benefit the stimulation of the company’s emulsion polymers product portfolio as well.
  • Asahi Kasei:The emulsion polymers market player recently acquired Erickson Framing Operations LLC for expanding its Hebel Haus™ order-built division homes. In addition, the company is also taking immense efforts in creating new business across new business models and new fields, which in turn would benefit them with expanding global footprint. Increasing number of home construction orders will drive the production of emulsion polymers by the company.

Emulsion polymers market research report offers comprehensive analysis of global market with integration of thoughtful future prospects, facts and in-depth insights along with statistically supported market data. The report comprises of forecasts by means of methodologies and suitable set of predictions. Further, the emulsion polymers market research report delivers information and analysis based on market classifications.

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Segmentation of Emulsion Polymers Market Segmentation 

Based on application, emulsion polymers market can be categorized into

  • Textile
  • Inks
  • Paper and Paperboards
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Others

Based on product type, emulsion polymers market can be categorized into

  • Acrylics
  • Vinyl Acetate Polymers
  • Styrene Butadiene Latex
  • Others

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