Employing Halloween Fire Safety at Home and Office

As the end of October is approaching and Halloween celebrations will be in full swing, we need to look out for home and office safety. This festive season that spreads its joy and scares people takes a toll on humankind by instilling excitement alongside being hazardous. The decorations used can be dangerous, sparking large amounts of fire that can have a total catastrophic effect on your home, office, and the entire neighborhood. In such cases, it is best to let San Antonio Fire Sprinkler Contractors prepare your building with Odessa Fire Suppression Systems, capable of handling many troubles such as hazardous fires as the first line of defense. 

  • There is a significant appraisal of the percentage of fires caused by the electrical distribution or lighting equipment yearly. About 35% of fires are caused in late October due to this reason. 
  • The NFPA records show in the winter holiday fire facts data that 21% of decoration related fires usually start in the kitchen, both at homes and offices.
  • And around 17% of them start in the living room – especially during Christmas time.

These home and office areas are most perceptible to fire as they both see large amounts of traffic. All this shows is that people are willing to risk their homes when they use all these improperly placed faulty equipment. 

It is important to be extra cautious and keep in mind your safety and those around you during the holiday season.

Some Tips To Avoid Such Accidental Fires

  • Avoid Live & Open Flames

Sure, the real looking live candles look extremely effective when placed in carved pumpkins. However, that can lit the entire neighborhood ablaze. Consider using a battery-operated candle or a warm glow-stick instead of going with a wild live fire. If you decide to use live candles, don’t leave it unattended and keep other inflammable objects and decorations away from the premises.

  • Don’t Overload Outlets.

People tend to get carried away with decorations such as lighting and hoard on many different lighting types, which can cause electrical hazards leading to massive fires at home. To avoid such a situation, make sure that you don’t overload any outlets and extension cords. Instead, spread out all the lights and other decorative lights that require electrical connections.

  • Install Fire Sprinkler Systems

Lastly, investing and installing a fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense against a fire breakout. Even though mentioned as the last tip, this is a foremost tip that all homeowners, renters, and those renting office spaces. There are a variety of types of automatic sprinkler systems, namely – 

  • Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler System – This is by far the most common fire sprinkler system that is easily available. In this system, water is constantly maintained inside the sprinkler system, ready to discharge immediately as it comes on. The system is simplistic and exorbitantly reliable. The cost of installation and maintenance is on the lower side as well. There’s a certain ease of modification. It also has a short term downtime after a fire breakout, as well. 
  • Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System – In a dry pipe fire sprinkler systems are filled with pressure filled air or nitrogen instead of water. In areas where freezing is possible, this system provides automatic protection. They are advantageous for protecting collections of items that can get damaged by the use of water. 

Whatever your space’s different needs, maybe when it comes to installing Odessa Fire Suppression Systems, make sure to confirm them with the state fire alarm installation regulations before installing. With these tips and measures it is possible for you to employ all the safety requirements to follow during the halloween period.