Employers to Act as Credentialing Organizations for Students

The future of higher education in the US will see a new trend blossoming wherein the students, instead of attending colleges, will go to work to attain educational credentials. That implies that the college degree will be provided by the employers based on the performance at work.

Americans send their children to colleges and universities to eventually help in bagging a “good job” . The conventional route to getting a “high-paying job” has been to first attend a college, complete the undergraduate course, score well, get a degree, and crack job interviews.

How about completely turning around the above-stated linear path of learning? Get a job first, and receive education alongside while at work!

That’s what is exactly going to happen in the near future where students, after their high school, will straightway start working, and the respective employer will issue a degree. It would actually be great, the student gets a good job, a great career path, and educational credentials, all at the same time.

No Indebtedness on Students in the Future Education System

The parents will save a substantial amount of money on tuition fee and other related expenses such as hostel fee, money spent on learning resources, among others.

The other good that will come out of this futuristic education system would be the minimal indebtedness on students. Actually, there will be no need to borrow education loans from banks that have to be paid later with interest added to the sum borrowed. A lot of pressure will go off the shoulders of students when they will be able to pay for their education by themselves.

Capital Investment in US on Higher Education is Constantly Rising

Students are indebted with huge sums of money to repay as a result of the heavy fee hikes witnessed in the last decade in the US. Added to the misery, students who did receive the degrees did not actually got the jobs they deserved, i.e. high-paying jobs. College graduates in the US that completed their higher education a decade ago are presently doing menial jobs that do not even require the level of educational credentials they possess.

As a matter of fact, the cost of higher education in the America has risen by over 200% in the last two decades. The student debt, on the other hand, during the time-frame, spiked by 600%, a record all-time-high amounting to $1.4 trillion.

Credentialing Organizations Are Up to the Cause of Improving Employability

Numerous globally-recognized credentialing bodies in the US are offering vendor neutral certifications to professionals and students to help them gain industry-specific skills. This eventually empower students crack job interviews for entry and mid-senior level job positions across industries.

Employers Acting as Credentialing Bodies for Students to be the Biggest Disruption

Receival of formal education by students while at work rather than attending the educational institutes will go down as the biggest disruption education sector had ever witnessed. The role of college and universities as mediators between job seekers and employers will soon diminish.

However, the existence of colleges and universities will not be challenged much as some percentage of young people will still prefer going to colleges to make it a part of their overall life-experience.

As per the forecasts drawn by reputable market-research bodies, around one-third of the students in the next ten years will receive college education at work, wherein they will straightaway join the job while being fresh out of high school. A formal degree will be earned as part of the offered-job package.

Concluding Thoughts

Now, It’s just the time game when going to job to get a college degree will become a norm in the US education system. The surveys confirm the same. When asked the parents of k-12 students about the likelihood and acceptance if the said education system, 74% of parents agreed with the new system of training young individuals for the future. About 4 in every 10 respondents in the survey found the new structure of higher education to be profoundly valuable and productive.

Let’s wait and watch until the majority of young students in the US straight out of high school start going to jobs to earn college degrees.


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