Emily Smith McCormick | Simple Teaching Ideas for Online Classes

Nowadays, students around the world are unable to take outdoor tuition classes as the covid-19 epidemic has spread everywhere. For this reason, many students are joining online tutoring classes from their home, which is principally beneficial for them. If you are also one of the teachers who are teaching students through online classes, remember that you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. 

When students want to get education through online classes, they can surely face a lot of trouble. So, you have to design engaging and interactive online courses for lessons or the students for helping them perfectly. 

Whether it is about keeping the videos tuition short or increasing group communication, you have to pay attention to a lot of nuances. Here, you can talk to Emily Smith McCormick to get some tremendous suggestions on the same concept. 

When it comes to designing online classes, you have to spend more effort and time. This is why you need to introduce yourself to the below listed ways that could be beneficial for your online classes:

Record lessons 

First of all, you should try to record your lesson videos, especially when some students can have a poor internet connection. Due to poor internet connection, many students can miss your live streamed lessons. Recording videos and sending them to the students can help them to stay updated.

Avoid narrated slideshows

If you have to teach online, you have to show your face clearly in your lessons and videos. You need to avoid the narrated slideshows because students want to learn from a teacher who is screening face. It is also suggested to scatter your slides with the videos.

Have a special online session for student problems

Furthermore, you should have a special session for student problems where you will only discuss the problems that every single student has. By doing so, you will give a far better chance to all the students to get rid of the problems they have.

Get regular feedback 

Online classes cannot be improved unless you get regular feedback from your students. When you ask your students to give feedback, this will be a great chance for interaction. If you will respond to the feedback of students professionally, this can advantage your online classes without any doubt. According to Emily Smith McCormick, this is another simple teaching idea for online classes.

Allow commenting and sharing 

As an online tutor, you should try to make your lessons social by allowing commenting and sharing on your content. When students can share their comments on the content, this will make your online classes more interactive and interesting. This is another tremendous way to make your online classes motivating. 

Provide 24/7 help & support

Last but not least, you must provide 24/7 help and support to the students who have joined your online classes. This will make the students feel quite comfortable. It will be easier for you to make your online classes interesting if you are helping students immediately.

Make sure you have understood the mentioned above simple teaching ideas for online classes.