Emerging Trends Of E-Learning In 2021

It is expected that e-learning will constitute more than 40% of the education market by 2022. This ingenious way of learning tags along a number of benefits like cost-effectiveness, flexibility, time-saving and convenience which easily outweighs a traditional teaching approach. Today we are going to take you through the biggest trends in the e-learning sector which can deliver amazing value to both the students and their teachers in days to come.

·       Greater Accessibility

An increasing demand can be seen for newer platforms and tools which can render a seamless e-learning experience. This has led to the development of applications which can deliver premium grade learning without having to download anything repeatedly. The apps rank high in terms of user-friendliness and can be accessed easily with students having a smartphone or computer and a stable net connection.

·       Diminished Learning Cost

As people are jumping more and more onto the e-learning bandwagon, education costs are expected to come down drastically. This holds true both for the institution which won’t have to incur several fixed expenses any further and also students who can save on commuting expenses.

·       More User-Generated Content

Students can share blog posts, videos, pictures, testimonials, e-books and other types of content with their peers. This can bring down content cost while garnering more interest amongst other students. Research studies have revealed that 92% of people will go by another person’s recommendations rather than branded content.

·       Rise Of Immersive Technology

Boredom is one of the biggest loopholes of online education as students don’t get to interact physically with their mentors or peers. This has added more inertia to the growth of technologies like Extended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). AR technology is the most common amongst the three and it can both thrill and engage learners by the inclusion of intriguing graphics in the existing training material. VR makes use of 360-degree photography for filling in the gap between bookish knowledge and reality.

·       Video Based Learning

When it comes to learning, nothing can match up to the efficiency of videos which can leave a lasting impact on the minds of pupils. This has added a boost to the demand of video content in the form of explainers, interviews and demos for replacing plain text instructions. The appealing nature of video can keep the students hooked on to screen for longer and also promises better retention rates. Interactive videos are adored by students as they boost engagement and keep students focused during the session.

Final Words

We will conclude by saying that e-learning is going to become more affordable, accessible and user-friendly with each passing day. Meet Amphy, a platform where you can take online classes ranging from cookery to language, fitness and many more. The live classes conducted here with utmost care can enrich the lives of students without being too heavy on the pocket. Its quality content has a high demand across the globe and this is triggering the onboarding of new mentors with fresh perspectives.