Emerging print trends in 2021 and beyond!

Printing materials also known as stationary are one of the most important aspects of running an organized business. If you have started designing your stationery and now looking for a print shop that can finish the job for you, make sure that you have incorporated the following emerging trends in your final design.

A little overview first:

The ongoing digital revolution has changed the whole dynamic of the world we are living in. Due to the many conveniences, the digital revolution has brought with it, tasks that once took hours can now be completed in a matter of minutes. The rise of social media also has given a huge boost to the number of internet users, today almost 90% of the world’s population has access to the internet and more than 50% of them own a smartphone.

This rise in popularity and the pull of the digital realm has forced organizations to shift their marketing strategies from conventional means to digital means. However, these conventional mediums that include Tv, radio, and most importantly print can still do wonders in getting the word out there if done right. In fact, the medium of print plays a much larger role than just fulfilling its marketing purposes.

Printed material such as leaflets, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, brochures, and many more can make your business look organized, and more importantly, they are the most preferred way of communication in the corporate world.

Printing Services

Furthermore, a well-designed set of stationary makes you look like a true professional and also helps a lot in attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. A dedicated print shop with its expertise and ability to make creative designs can help you make an optimized final output.  

Printing Services

While a print shop can make the best final output possible, it will be up to you to do the initial planning. From deciding upon the design of your stationery to the contents that will be included or excluded everything will be decided by you. Here are a few emerging trends that we think might help you in planning your design:

Customer security:

These are the type of stationery that requires secrecy with printing items such as banknotes cheques or passports. Customer security is one of the most sensitive aspects of these types of printing. This could be used by other businesses as well who require specific record keeping according to specific IDs. This aspect of printing merges elements of advanced technologies in order to bring more effectiveness.

Technical adaptation:

Following up with the previous trends, we all know how the element of technology in anything immediately catches our attention. In the modern age and the digital times, we are living in, it will only be fitting to merge futuristic elements with this conventional medium to give out a more unique feel. Well at least until it’s overdone. There are many web tools available in the market available that will allow you to create a final design closer to your vision. Adapting these technical aspects in your print shop will also allow you to multi-function making the final output less time-consuming and efficient.

Three-dimensional printing:

3-D technology is a well-known term around the world, we have seen it amaze us in our movies, at amusement parks, and even in modern art. Three-dimensional images carry a touch of realism in them and visually come out as real objects. These types of designs rely a lot on the user’s imagination while allowing you to roam free with your creativity. An efficient print shop will be able to carry out the job with perfection.

Sheetfed digital printing:

Sheetfed digital printing is a new concept that has been gaining a lot of momentum lately. Many well-known companies such as HP, Fujifilm, and Konica have already adopted this style and are reaping huge benefits out of it. Sheetfed digital printing basically is a premium quality form of lithography. The process involves manually fed sheets of paper or a continuous feed roll that can later be cut according to requirements. An up-to-date print shop has to be able to do sheetfed digital as it is very beneficial and cost-effective for commercial purposes.   

Cloud printing:

Another emerging trend that we think might gain momentum in the days to come is cloud printing. It provides us with the ability to get our printing jobs done with a wider range of devices like smartphones and tablets.

Cost-effective printing in high demand:

We all know the current situation of the world and how the pandemic has literally affected all walks of life. People are naturally looking to spend less because there is a doubt over what the future holds. However, while everyone is certainly cautious there is still some kind of activity going on. Cost-effective printing techniques are in higher demand than ever.