Emerging as one of the finest music talents is an next gen DJ, AFTRFX

Spell bounding listeners around the globe with his innate talent, skills and expertise is DJ AFTRFX.

The current golden generation of young guns have contributed largely in the growth of each sector. The efficiency they inbuilt in themselves is remarkable and most importantly they do the best use of social domain and technology to get the pro performance. As we all know social media sector and other digital domains have become one of the most important parts to grow globally. As it caters the platform to the artist where they can connect to millions of people and show their creative skills. When we talk about music where the young talent has bought tremendous change with innovative music versions which is much loved by the audiences and industry. DJ’ing is the most fascinating zones of today’s music world.

DJ AFTRFX is one such promising name within music realm gaining tremendous popularity across globe. The right sense of beats and pro-found knowledge of rhythm makes him the master of his art and creativity in music craft. The young talent was always inclined towards music from a tender age, to explore widely and he gained knowledge of music. Gradually he developed his skills in DJ and did massive creation of DJ in his songs like – Dreamers, Never Wake Up, Fade Away, All I Want, Living in Utopia, Next To Me and Take On The World which were highly appreciated by the audiences. Within short span of time, he established himself in this huge industry. DJ AFTRFX is also an EDM Producer.

Now there was no looking back for the young artist, he had just grown himself in his career by his pure talent, patience, determination and consistent performance gave him the success that he could ever thought of!  It’s just trailer of his skills much awaited endeavor is on the way to entertain and bliss millions of audiences with his music craft.

Till then stay tunned with him on Spotify


For more info, do follow him on Instagram @aftrfx.