The DS200TCEAG1 GE Emergency Over speed Board, which is housed in the P core of the MKV panel, is equipped with a single microprocessor and several programmable read-only memory (PROM) modules. Its primary function is to handle the over-speed and flame detection trip signals sent by the turbine during operation. It is necessary to reset the berg jumpers if the circuit board is removed. The circuit board is equipped with three fuses, thirty jumpers, and two bayonet connections. The firmware and operational instructions that are utilized by the microprocessor are stored in the PROM modules. In the process of changing this board, you will observe that the new board does not have any PROM modules on it. Because the PROM modules are readily removed and reinstalled, you will find that transferring the modules from the damaged board to the new board is a straightforward process. Another advantage of utilizing the same modules is that the user may anticipate the same functionality from both of them. In order to better serve you, IC Spares is ready to chat with you by phone or email about all of your automation requirements. The price information for each component or repair may be obtained from our personnel.


  • Part Number: DS200TCEAG1
  • Manufacturer: General Electric
  • Series: MKV
  • Function: Processor Card

What is DS200TCEAG1B responsible for?

The DS200TCEAG1B is in charge of processing the over-speed signals, but it is also in charge of processing the flame detection trip signals as well.

Design For:

It is one of the most well-established versions of the Speed Tronic Series, the Speed Tronic Mark V Gas turbine Control System is one of them. The Mark V system has been built to meet all of the criteria for gas turbine control. The DS200 Series is comprised of the component numbers for the Mark V control boards and control cards. The Mark V Turbine control system regulates the operation of the Gas Turbine via the use of digital microprocessors. The Mark V Speed Tronic Control system has a software-implemented Fault Tolerance feature to improve the overall dependability of the system.

  • The core parts of the Mark V control systems are:
  • Communications
  • Protection
  • Power Distribution

QD digital I/O Controls processors and C digital I/O

The Mark V Speed Tronic DS200TCEAG1B is an Emergency Over speed Board that operates in an emergency situation. The DS200TCEAG1B is equipped with a single CPU and a number of PROM modules. The DS200TCEAG1B contains 80196 microprocessors, which is a large number. The PROM modules are responsible for storing the operational instructions and firmware that the CPU requires. DS200TCEAG1B additionally has thirty jumpers, three fuses, and two Bayonet connections in addition to the CPU and PROM modules.

How to use it?

It is necessary to employ bayonet connectors to link the board to other devices and boards throughout the drive. Before you connect the male bayonet connectors on the ends of the cables to the female bayonet connectors on the board, you need to take a few things into mind. To remove a bayonet connection, grasp the connector with one hand while holding the board in place with the other hand to prevent it from bending or shifting. Removing the bayonet connection from the female connector on the board and putting the cable aside until you are ready to attach it to the new board are the next steps.


It is important to note that you should never separate the bayonet connection by tugging on the cable rather than the connector itself. This might cause harm to the cable by yanking the signal wires out of the bayonet connection and into the cable. Also, avoid accidentally contacting any of the other components on the board with the bayonet connection when connecting it. You run the risk of bending or scratching the components or the board’s surface. To connect a bayonet connection, first, line the connector with the connector on the board and then push the connector into the connector on the board. When it has been completely inserted, it simply snaps into position. You may gently pull on the cable to see whether the connection is still working properly.


When installing or replacing the board, always follow the manufacturer’s installation or replacement instructions. Because the DS200 series is no longer in production, we recommend that you maintain a shelf supply of at least two cards of each panel, including the DS200TCEAG1B.