Emerald Zoysia Maintenance Tips Installed on Golf Courses

Golf courses are the most famous sports that Americans love to play. It is a game played on a large area which consists of different terrains that have greenery and also sand. There are 18 holes in which players have to put balls. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which grass will be the best to lay on a golf course. According to several lawn technicians, Emerald Zoysia is considered ideal because of the characteristics mentioned in the below points.

What are the Characteristics of Emerald Zoysia?

There are many reasons for experts to choose Emerald Zoysia; one being it has a dark green, rich color that will look great on large areas. It is installed in the form of a mat. Other characteristics that make this sod grass great for golf courses are mentioned below. 

  1. Golf courses are spread across vast areas and the majority of the locations are exposed to extreme sunlight. Emerald Zoysia sod grass has the highest level of tolerance to heat and sunlight; even with the lowest quantity of water applied.
  2. Trees are planted in many areas of the golf course because of which some locations are in shade. Some people think that other kinds of grasses have to be installed in the shady areas, but what they should know is that Emerald Zoysia can have resistance to medium shade. 
  3. On all types of sports fields and especially golf courses foot traffic is the most because players are either playing or practicing. This sod grass has the quality to bear foot traffic well; so installing Emerald Zoysia from wholesale sod dealers should be your choice. 
  4. No golf course owner wants to have insects, pests and other grass problems on their turf. They search far and wide for the right type of sod grass to be laid for the golf course. But not anymore because the emerald Zoysia sod grass Has the ability to fight off diseases of the grass. 
  5. Another best thing about Emerald Zoysia is that it is the lowest maintenance sod grass. It has to be watered once 7 to 10 days and mowing is required only weekly. The need for fertilization is only once a month. 

Maintenance Tips Suggested Sod Suppliers in Atlanta

The sod suppliers from which you have ordered the grass, like Atlanta Sod Farms for your Golf Course, have tips that will help you maintain the turf. The maintenance tips suggested by the installation team are different from the grass installed in a home because the golf course is extensive and has shady and sunny areas. So it is essential to know no how to maintain the sword grass in the golf course properly.

Two Kinds of Grooming for Sod Grass

Turfgrass experts have suggested using two kinds of grooming techniques for the Emerald Zoysia on the golf course. During standard grooming, the turf is inspected every day for debris and signs of problems. The next stage of premium grooming involves proper cleaning off the grass by examining the roots.

What is the Level of Golf Played?

Golf courses are designed so that there is space for professional players, amateurs, and people who play for recreation. Emerald Zoysia can be installed in the golf course area where there is a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes parks are created for children to practice their golfing abilities; this sod grass can also be very effective in these parks. 

Maintenance Staff is Proper Trained

The proper maintenance techniques have to be applied to keep the Emerald Zoysia green, healthy, and free from problems. The golf course maintenance staff has to be trained appropriately to give water, apply fertilizer, and mow the sod grass.

Restricting During Off-Season

Emerald Zoysia goes dormant during the winter season because the growth of the grass stops. Any activity on the golf course, even walking on the grass, will damage it. So, it is essential not to allow anyone except the maintenance staff to walk on the field.

By following all of the maintenance mentioned above tips for Emerald Zoysia, you can have a healthy and green golf course. Below are three FAQs that will help in understanding the maintenance of this sod grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Zoysia do golf courses use?

Many varieties of Zoysia sod grass are available, including Zoen, Emerald, Meyer, Empire, and Jamur Zoysia. But the best one to select for the golf course is Emerald Zoysia because of the characteristics mentioned in the beginning points. 

Is Emerald Zoysia good?

Emerald Zoysia is one of the best sod grass for the following reasons

  1. It has a dark green color that looks even and beautiful.
  2. It can tolerate extreme heat and thrive under medium shade.
  3. This sod grass can fight off insects and pests.
  4. Time and effort spent on maintenance are the lowest.

Is Zoysia grass hard to maintain?

If you are searching for sod grass that is the easiest to maintain, then Emerald Zoysia is the easiest to maintain. It is a misconception that sod grasses belonging to this species are hard to maintain. Maintaining all types of Zoysia is not difficult because you have to mow and water the sod grass once a week and apply fertilizer annually.

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