Embrace the Magic of Vermont’s Fall Foliage at Highwood Retreat

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The Green Mountains in Vermont are renowned for their stunning fall foliage. Scenic drives, small-town charm, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures make this region a popular destination for experiencing the beauty of autumn. And there is no better place to enjoy nature’s explosion of color than Highwood Retreat, the ultimate escape in the foothills of the Green Mountains. 

Highwood Retreat blends the luxury of an exquisite hotel with the ruggedness of sleeping under canvas with its thoughtfully designed canvas tent. An unforgettable camping experience worthy of the most romantic occasions, every detail of Highwood Retreat has been curated to surprise and delight guests. Owners Sam Parsons and Katharine Mangold set out to craft Highwood Retreat as a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the chaos of modern existence and a deeper connection with nature.

“We want guests to indulge in a luxurious camping experience, so when they leave here, they feel rejuvenated, inspired, and connected to the wilderness in a meaningful and memorable way,” says Sam.

At Highwood Retreat, you’re immersed in luxury from the moment you step inside the 400-square-foot safari tent. Plush spa robes, tasteful furnishings, a thoughtfully designed off-grid bathroom, and solar panels providing electricity cater to guests’ every need. The queen-size bed, adorned with Brooklinen’s Luxe Sateen sheets and layers of soft quilts, ensures a restful night’s sleep even on the chilliest nights, allowing you to sink into the serenity of your surroundings.

Location, Location, Location

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When it comes to the beauty of nature in the fall, the Green Mountains in Vermont are one of the most striking locales to experience these brief bursts of crimson, orange, and yellow. With crisp morning air, the smell of woodburning fireplaces, and the crunch of leaves under your feet, this region is one of the best places to enjoy fall foliage. 

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Forests cover 70% of Vermont, giving it the country’s highest concentration of maple trees and making a Vermont autumn unique. Usually, the most colorful time to visit Vermont is between mid-September and mid-October, with foliage starting to change colors as early as September in northern areas and higher elevations. From there, it moves into downtowns and valleys and from north to south, with color hanging on the trees as late as the end of October in some areas. Peak foliage can vary depending on weather conditions.

Reasons to Make Highwood Retreat Your Next Fall Getaway

Photo Credit: Highwood Retreat

Not only is Highwood Retreat a stunning destination on its own, but this vacation escape also offers access to plenty of local adventures and attractions that make it the perfect home base for your next fall trip.

Diverse Foliage

Vermont’s Green Mountains are home to various deciduous trees, including sugar maples, red maples, oak, birch, and beech trees. This diversity of tree species leads to a brilliant and diverse display of colors in the fall, with leaves turning shades of red, orange, yellow, and even deep purples.

Scenic Drives

Vermont offers numerous scenic byways and highways that wind through the Green Mountains, providing travelers with breathtaking views of the foliage. Routes such as Route 100 and Route 108 are famous for their stunning fall scenery, and you can enjoy the fall color show from the comfort of your car.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities

Vermont’s Green Mountains are a haven for New England outdoor enthusiasts. You can explore the foliage on hiking trails, mountain biking, or even take a scenic chairlift ride for panoramic views. The Green Mountains offer an extensive network of hiking trails, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the foliage up close. Popular trails like the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail pass through this region, providing excellent opportunities to experience the beauty of the fall foliage.

Ideal Climate

The region’s climate, with cool nights and warm, sunny days during the fall, creates the perfect conditions for vibrant leaf colors. Crisp autumn temperatures help initiate the color-changing process, making the foliage more intense and lasting longer.

Small Town Charm

Vermont is known for its picturesque small towns and villages. These communities are often nestled among the mountains, allowing visitors to experience the charm of New England with the striking colors of fall as a backdrop.

Fall Festivals and Events

Many towns and cities in Vermont host fall festivals, farmers’ markets, and other events during the autumn season. These gatherings often celebrate the local culture, food, and crafts while providing entertainment for visitors.

Local Cuisine

Vermont is famous for its local food and beverages, including apple cider, maple syrup, and pumpkin-flavored treats. Enjoying these seasonal delights surrounded by the fall foliage enhances the overall experience.

Photographers’ Paradise

The stunning landscapes and vivid fall colors make the Green Mountains a paradise for photographers and artists looking to capture the beauty of autumn.

With all of these offerings, it’s easy to see why the Green Mountains in Vermont are considered one of the best places to experience the beauty of fall foliage, drawing visitors from all over the world to witness the breathtaking spectacle of nature’s transition from summer to autumn. Highwood Retreat can help you celebrate this time of year with a luxury experience that allows you to connect even more deeply with the natural world.

Katharine says, “We want guests to feel a sense of enchantment and wonder with a deep emotional connection to the natural world and the transformative power of immersing oneself in its beauty. At Highwood Retreat, we want to transport you to a place of serenity and adventure where you can momentarily escape the stresses of everyday life.”

Connecting with Nature with Secluded Luxury

Highwood Retreat welcomes guests into the heart of nature with its centerpiece: an artfully designed and thoughtfully furnished canvas safari tent in Springfield, Vermont. This canvas cocoon offers the best of both worlds — the allure of sleeping under the stars and the comforts of a five-star hotel. 

Highwood Retreat encourages guests to embrace the off-the-grid experience while enjoying all essential comforts. The bathroom boasts a composting toilet and an off-grid sink. For those looking for a refreshing outdoor shower, a private cedar shower with hot water, towels, sandals, and robes awaits. Outside, a deck invites you to enjoy refreshments from the cooler and relax in Adirondack chairs. Adjacent to the tent, a private firepit offers the perfect spot to unwind and reconnect with the natural world.

“We want our guests to experience the healing power of nature with more than just basic creature comforts,” says Katharine. 

The change in colors during fall may have additional psychological benefits beyond just a connection to nature. Psychologists suggest that our brains interpret the dramatic change of color in the fall as a signal. When we encounter a unique cue like this, we experience that as a  meaningful event — and if the stimulus comes and goes at regular intervals like the fall season, we attribute even more meaning to it. And research shows that living with a strong sense of meaning is good for your mental and physical health.

With intentional designs that will whisk you away from the chaos of everyday life, Highwood Retreat is an immersive experience that will help you connect with the natural world and yourself. And you will feel that from the moment you step onto the property. For more information or to book your next stay, visit