Email Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Website


Email marketing is a way to reach customers with relevant, personalized messages at the right time. An email has seen healthy growth in global users with no signs of slowing down.

Whether you’re getting started with email marketing or preparing your next big campaign, here is a guide on what email campaigns work best and how to make the most of every broadcast.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the part of digital marketing agency and the art of sending marketing messages to the customers via email to sell, educate, and create loyalty.

An email is an important tool concerning e-commerce where it is used for sending transactional and promotional messages.

Why is email marketing important for eCommerce success?

  • Email allows you to build customer relationships.
  • Email is an incredibly effective way to boost traffic and sales.
  • It is a cost-effective marketing channel.
  • Email and content marketing work together in SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Types of email marketing campaigns

Sending irrelevant messages to the wrong people at the wrong time isn’t a proper way for valuable marketing. Let’s check the various types of campaigns and how you can make them engaging to customers.

Transactional Emails

It’ll be sent at the time of checkout and other purchasing actions for conveying relevant information to individual customers. Order confirmations, shipping details, estimated delivery details, etc. covers within this category.

Promotional Emails

It is helpful to raise awareness for exclusive deals for promotion. For example, Gift suggestions for celebration of special days like mother’s day, children’s day, valentine’s day, etc. Limited time discount email also includes in this category.

Lifecycle Emails

It works based on what action a customer took. For example, a cart abandonment email sends after a consumer leaves products in their cart.

Getting started with Email marketing

Add an Exit Intent Pop-up

Start with the most effective strategy. Ecommerce email marketing is important, and you can’t work without a list. Email marketing is the easiest way to start connecting with people who want to hear about your business. 

Add an exit-intent pop-up to the website. Capture website visitors that would be left your website. You need to give them a reason to subscribe or send an email address for free guide discounted deals or other deals that go with your brand.

Shopping cart Abandonment Email

Send highly customized emails to customers that have abandoned carts. Here is your eCommerce email marketing skill come into play. If a customer has logged in, send them personalized emails with pictures of the items they were interested in. These type of highly targeted emails are effective, and it increases your conversions too.

Important Tips:

  • To use their details such as name, city, etc.
  • Send an email within 24 hours of abandonment.
  • Send them every other day up to 4 emails.
  • Send an email with social proof such as ratings, customer reviews, etc.
  • Give related items in options.

Measuring Email Performance

Measuring your email performance is the most important practice to implement. It is a way to improve your email marketing campaigns. 

Here are some email marketing analytics you should track:

Open Rate: Percentage of subscribers that opened an email.

Bounce Rate: Percentage of emails that don’t make into a subscriber’s inbox because of any kind of issue.

Click-through Rate: Percentage of subscribers that click on a link.

Opt-out Rate: Percentage of subscribers that unsubscribed from an email list.

Allow Social login for mobile-friendliness

Mobile usage has risen nowadays, and it’s still increasing. It’s only going to get bigger, and that’s where it’s more annoying to fill out forms on the phone. 

Social login helps out if you have the mobile site that makes it really worth having.

Tips for better eCommerce campaign

  • Send emails at the right time as marketing automation workflows will help in sending triggered emails when your leads are most likely to convert.
  • Use personalized email campaigns and ensure that the content you use in the communication is relevant to the target audience.
  • Make engaging content for your customers. Send emails that contain videos or images and some user-generated content. Measure your results and use the data in your favor.

If you want to increase your revenues, explore a few of these eCommerce email marketing practices, and get their benefits.  Mix and match to see which ones are right for your business and apply them.