Elmiron Lawsuit: Settlement & Recall (Things to Know)

The Elmiron lawsuit is a compensation claim made by the people who are diagnosed with pigmentary maculopathy as a result of taking the Elmiron medication for the bladder.  As per the claim, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Elmiron did not carry out responsible drug marketing and warnings to patients and doctors alike. As a result, the users experienced vision problems and possible blindness. Law firms like Shouse deal with the lawsuits of Elmiron throughout the USA. The lawsuit asks for payback to plaintiffs who have medical bills to clear, lost earnings to cover, and pain and trauma to deal with as a result of using the said medicine.

If you are planning to file a lawsuit, here are some important things related to Elmiron that you need to know.

Grounds for an Elmiron Lawsuit

The claim can be formed on the ground of negligence. The company did not endorse the possible hazards and threats associated with the drug. Before 16 June 2020, the packaging did not carry a warning about the risks.  So the users and doctors were equally unaware of the side effects, otherwise, this drug would not have been prescribed by the doctors. FDA, however, now recommends the users of this drug get their eyes examined via optical coherence tomography and auto-fluorescence imaging.

Lawsuits are Separate

Lawsuits for such cases are separated but they unite into a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) which is out of the District of New Jersey. Litigation is streamlined with MDLs. Pretrial rulings are made by a single judge and then 4 – 5 cases are considered for trial. The output of these bellwether trials is unexpected and serious however they act as a starting point for dialogue. MDL plaintiffs receive separate settlements dissimilar to the class actions. The amount of settlement depends upon the severity of injuries and the relevant circumstances.

Decided Settlements

There have been no settlements of Elmiron to this date, however attorneys of the plaintiff are after large settlements. No amount of settlement can pay for the lost or impaired vision of the victim, however, attorneys can fight to win a large settlement that can, 

  • Clear the past and future bills of medication and mental health counseling
  • Pain, trauma, and suffering
  • Lost wages due to being away from work and the recovering period

Recent Elmiron Cases

These cases are new. There have been two recent cases as of March 26, 2020;

Pelczar vs. Teva Branded Pharmaceutical Products R&D et al.

Case 3:20-cv-00406.

United States District Court District of Connecticut

Elmiron cases are new in the field; therefore the statute of limitations for this certain claim is short. Most of the states offer a year or 2 to file the claim. Therefore, the victims should consult a professional without delay. Elmiron lawsuit requires a professional attitude and deep insight into the case, which a firm like Shouse can easily provide. If you or any of your loved ones has suffered retinal damage as a result of using this drug then consult this law firm for a free consultation.

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