Elite Coaching and a Winning Mentality are Just Two of the Things that Christopher Mitchell Brings to the Table

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and play with a professional gambler, then now is the opportunity for you. Christopher Mitchell, aka the greatest of all-time (G.O.A.T.) has launched an exclusive ELITE Coaching Club for aspiring and seasoned players to join him each week for live, two-hour sessions.

Having come a long way since stepping into the casino for the first time as a network marketer, visiting Vegas for a seminar, Christopher has since built his career up as a millionaire, with a high-performing YouTube channel, and co-authoring 3% Millionaire Blueprint, along with his wife, Stacy. The book serves as a 365-day map to going from $100 to $1 million and becoming a successful and responsible gambling professional. However, it was not always this easy.

“About three and a half years ago, I was a rideshare driver and completely broke. My wife was a registered nurse, pregnant with our child and working 16-hour shifts,” Christopher recalled. “I had just started my career as a gambler and I ended up squandering everything. Our entire life’s savings were gone. We lost our home, cars and had to sell our jewelry.”

Christopher had to buckle down and figure it out on his own, but the extreme benefit that members of the ELITE Coaching Club have is the ability to work closely with and be mentored by the G.O.A.T., something he didn’t have while he navigated the casinos. Money is no longer an issue for him, while he and his family are well taken care of and that is because of the countless hours he has spent perfecting his craft.

“I stayed true to myself and true to my mission of teaching myself how to beat the casinos,” Christopher said. “Fast forward to today, I’m a millionaire and I’m wearing a $50,000 Rolex diamond watch. I don’t have a boss, I do what I want, when I want and with whoever I want.”

Today, Christopher, who is currently traveling and filming a documentary to highlight his real-life story, has numerous tips for those who want to soak in his knowledge of both casinos and online gambling, while also launching his new signature program for players too.

ELITE Coaching Club

Christopher has invested a lot of his personal time and money to contribute to his brand so that he can help others also potentially conquer their games of choice and find success.

Opting to steer away from what was formerly known as Christopher’s ‘Inner Circle’, the ELITE Coaching Program is aimed to gather the best-of-the-best and those who want to learn to become high-performing players, both in the casinos and online. With his program, he is teaching people, from all walks of life, how to win at the casinos and eventually make thousands every week. In fact, he guarantees that players will make at least $500 a month when playing with him online each week, and if they don’t, he will give them their money back. Additionally, there is no other gambling consultant or coach online that can offer such a deal to help players change their lives.

“I had to teach myself through trial and error,” Christopher said. “I basically lost everything and got it all back, ten fold. With my new program, the great thing is, members can learn from me and not have to face the potential of losing a lot of money in the process.”

Joining Christopher’s ELITE Coaching Club places members into a network of like-minded individuals to learn gambling tips, rules and strategies, and also how to be responsible in learning to maintain a consistent bankroll and have the ability to walk away and try another day.

“Most people want a handout, but not a hand up. That is what I’m hoping to achieve with my new program, to help lift aspiring gamblers to my level,” he said. “I’m looking for people who want to realize all their dreams, people who want to pay off all of their debt and travel the world. If you want to become a millionaire, then my ELITE coaching program is absolutely for you.”

Over the course of his career, Christopher has developed a recipe for success via a self-created winning formula. He wants ELITE Coaching Club members to learn, play responsibly and ultimately find success, similar to how he has. 

“I went from being completely broke to making over $100,000 a month and eventually became a millionaire in just three short years,” said Mitchell. “People are living paycheck to paycheck and failing at casinos. They enter underfunded and walk out with nothing. I’m here to help them.”

About Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell is the Top Professional Gambler and Gambling Consultant in the world. He teaches people how to find success in casinos in Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Sports Betting. After losing $500,000 in the Casinos, Christopher finally figured out how to win and created his personal recipe for success, which includes specific tips, rules and strategies to follow. He shares his winning formulas with others all over the world through his private ELITE Coaching Club, exclusive Mastermind Events, as well as his personal one-on-one coaching program. For more information please visit www.ChristopherMitchellTheGoat.com

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