Elijah Norton Gives Advice on Creating a Successful Business

Elijah Norton, the executive chairman and president of Veritas Global Protection Services, talks about what it takes to create and become a successful business owner. Everyone’s journey is slightly different in getting to where they need to be as a person running a business.

Elijah Norton and Veritas Global Protection Services, Inc.

Elijah Norton points out that everyone should pursue a business that makes sense to them and is passionate about. It happened to be participating in the automotive finance and insurance industry for him. While Veritas Global Protection provides vehicle service contracts and vehicle protection plans, they also offer other products to dealerships in several countries.

After seeing that the vehicle protection industry lacked innovation, quality customer service, and overall growth, he decided to go all-in with Veritas Global Protection. Now, they have evolved into one of the top companies in their industry.

Getting in the Right Business Mindset

Having a proper business mindset is something that Elijah Norton thinks can jumpstart your business. He’s always been one to pride himself on innovation in his industry. Every single business owner should feel the same way.

Innovation is going to capture a lot of headlines within an industry. Having excellent customer service will put your business above the rest. Nobody wants to do business with a company that doesn’t offer quality customer service, and Norton feels it’s even more critical now than ever before.

It might seem shocking to hear that from a person who makes most of the sales entirely online without having to talk directly to a customer. However, prompt service makes a difference online, whether it’s a short phone call from a representative or even an email. People don’t have time to wait around when they need assistance.

Building Business the Right Way

Seeing the finished product from a successful businessman like Elijah Norton can be deceiving for those just starting. It’s simply impossible to have success in building a business instantly. It takes time and effort for an entrepreneur to get anywhere.

Elijah Norton relies on advice he heard when he first started building Veritas Global Protection. It takes the average business about three to five years to get to where they want to be and have consistent success. That can seem like an eternity for some, but those with the proper outlook and mindset will find ways to have success.

He advises anyone starting to be as patient as possible and look for long-term solutions instead of short-term fixes. What might turn a little bit of a profit in the beginning likely means taking some shortcuts. That will not be great for long-term success and buries people in weird situations.

Staying Motivated

Motivational challenges are hard to overcome for many business owners. As already talked about, building a business in the first place takes a lot of time. Finding a way to stay motivated during the good and bad times will ultimately lead to success.

Elijah Norton believes that every single challenge can be a test that leads to more and more success. Not only is it challenging as a business owner, but employees will face those challenges of their own along the way. Being a leader and helping out as much as possible will lead to much more success later on.

Keeping Customers Happy

Customers are the backbone of any business. Without quality customers, even the best business plan is going to fail. Norton strongly believes in keeping customers as happy as possible with various approaches along the way.

If customers aren’t happy, they will quickly look for an alternative. All it takes is a few clicks online to find something different. A business can gain the attention of a customer and then lose it all in seconds.

Listening to feedback helps out tremendously as you move along with your business. Business owners who ignore feedback will only consistently make the same mistakes. It’s a frustrating spiral no one wants to fall into.

Availability matters quite a bit when running a business. No customer wants to feel like they are ignored and not getting any help when they need it. This can be challenging when running an online business like Norton, but it’s still important to stay as engaged as possible.

Why Elijah Norton Believes Anyone Can Have Success in Business

Launching and running a business is hard work, but it’s something that anyone from any background can pull off. There’s quite a bit of hard work that goes into it, but people who approach it the right way will be able to find success.

Norton feels like he must help out other business owners as they get going. Getting quality advice can make a difference in the early stages. Too many people don’t get quality advice until it’s too late. Even if they have a great idea, it comes up short.

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