Eligibility Criteria for Applying Abdul Kalam Scholarship for Indian Students

Abdul Kalam Scholarship

Like all other GIIS campuses, GIIS Kuala Lumpur strives to produce students who embody the 9GEMS pedagogy. One of the GEMS in the GIIS pedagogy is creativity and innovation. Students who incline innovative digital concepts, such as apps, scientific experiments, creating digital tools, and research can apply for the Dr. APJ scholarship, which falls under the category.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills scholarship recognizes students who have outstanding skills in technological and digital innovations.

According to research, India produces a lot of tech-savvy students who excel in mathematics and sciences. Many Indian students seeking to study in Malaysia apply for this scholarship to nurture their skills. However, how do you qualify for this prestigious scholarship? Below are the eligibility criteria that all Indian students need to adhere to while applying for the scholarship.


Only Malaysian residents can qualify for the scholarship. Indian students who have student passes or dependent passes can apply for the scholarship. If your parents are permanent residents in Malaysia, you stand a chance of winning the scholarship. To qualify for the Abdul Kalam Scholarship for Indian students, you will need to provide documentation that shows your parents have been Malaysian residents for almost one year. Therefore, if you want to apply for the scholarship specifically at GIIS Kuala Lumpur, you may have to move to Malaysia and establish residency a year in advance.


To qualify for the scholarship, you need to participate in various technology-based and science competitions and symposiums. Students who can advance to the next stage need to have awards at the national, regional, or international level. Some competitions include:

  1. National children’s science congress
  2. Olympiad by SOF, STEM Olympiad, or Robotics Olympiad
  3. ISRO Space quiz
  4. National Space Settlement (NSS)
  5. International competitions by Google, Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft
  6. Robot Olympiad
  7. CIASC-CSIR innovation competitions
  8. MOE/CBSE science exhibitions
  9. National Talent Search Examinations

Students who are among the top performers in any of these competitions can qualify for the scholarship. The school will need certificates, recommendations, and other awards that prove you were part of these competitions. The applicants can participate in these competitions as a team or individually.


The students who apply for this scholarship need to be innovative. The scholarship board will require proof that shows you are innovative and creative. Applicants should have written or published a thesis or document about scientific innovations. You need to show proof that you can create innovative digital tools, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, coding, creating apps, and other inventions in the digital space. Before applying, you need to work on several digital p and write an inspiring paper on technology-related topics. Vast technological know-how will increase your chances of winning the scholarship.

Academic performance

GIIS Kuala Lumpur prides itself on academic excellence. The school is among the top international schools in Malaysia when it comes to academic excellence. Students who receive education at the institution excel in school and board exams. Therefore, despite your prowess in the digital space, only students who have an impressive academic record can qualify for the scholarship. The scholarship board will require a two-year academic record to assess your performance and decide whether you have the potential to excel in the top GIIS GEM, academic excellence. Often, the students need to score above 90% or an A mean grade in most subjects to qualify for the APJ scholarship. I f you intend to study at GIIS through this scholarship, improving your academic performance can go a long way in securing the scholarship for you.

Qualifying for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills scholarship at GIIS Kuala Lumpur can benefit Indian students in several ways.
  1. Students will get a chance to study at one of the top international schools in the country. GIIS is Kuala Lumpur’s leading international school. The school receives annual awards for its curricula and wholesome education.
  2. You will receive a holistic education, which strives to nurture your mind, body, and soul. The teachers encourage the students to develop their skills and talents for holistic development.
  3. The 9GEMS pedagogy turns every student into a responsible and productive adult. The school relies on these GEMS to offer all-round education. They are taught vital skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, community welfare, etc. 
  4. GIIS Kuala Lumpur has an array of extracurricular activities, which encourage the students to stay fit. The institution believes that a student can earn a living from their talents.
  5. When you enroll in the institution, you will develop a growth mindset. The teachers train the students to think outside the box when solving problems or making decisions.

The APJ scholarship has one year of tenure and can cover up to 20% of your tuition. The scholarship will allow you to use the resources at GIIS Kuala Lumpur to enhance your skills. Indian students who enjoy creating digital innovations will excel at GIIS.

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