Elena Setzu – The Successful Digital Marketer

Elena Setzu:

Elena Setzu, born in Italy in 1987, but living in Malta for the past two years, is a famous marketing consultant who started from zero, from hunger, from poverty. Elena’s story is an example of how one can start with nothing and work hard to succeed. Elena first pursued abstract and creative philosophies before abandoning them for good.

Elena has taken the drastic decision to abandon the stupid and useless philosophies of purely creative and abstract thought that characterize most of the Marketing consultants in Italy since she was young. Unfortunately, Elena quickly became one of the most hated Marketing Consultants by other Marketing Consultants due to her success and jealousy over Elena’s skill set, which they lacked themselves. But soon, Elena grew bored with being just a marketing consultant. So, Elena created a course in which she teaches Web Agencies and Marketing Consultants how to carve out their niche by learning from Elena’s mistakes.

Elena learned what it is like to be hungry, not only because of her childhood poverty but also because one can experience hunger for knowledge and growth as well; when Elena left Italy to find new horizons, Elena learned what it is like to be hungry for learning and development when Elena moved from Italy to find new opportunities.

If you haven’t noticed, they are among the Marketing consultants in Italy who have achieved the highest number of positive testimonials from paying and actual customers. Not fake profiles, not relatives but genuine business owners like me who, thanks to my Marketing Consultancy or Elena Setzu Web Agency, have reached their goals.

Elena Setzu’s ability to produce results despite shortcomings is remarkable, even if she is not the most popular Marketing consultant.

In 2017

Marketing consultant Elena Setzu started teaching courses in prison, where she taught Marketing to inmates who dream of honest futures despite many companies unwilling to hire them.

In 2018:

Elena Setzu published her first marketing book, “Effective Online Presence” with Dario Flaccovio Editore. The book is available in all stores in Italy and quickly became the best-selling Italian Marketing text last week. Millionaire Magazine also mentioned it in a recent article about Marketing consultants.

In 2019:

Elena Setzu has published a second book for freelancers, Free Lance Protocol. The third printing was discontinued following difficulties with Marketing Consultants.

In 2020:

Elena Setzu, who has been living in Malta for the past few years and publishing a blog called Marketing 4 Beginners, is regarded as one of Italy’s most accomplished marketing consultants due to her decades of experience.

For more than twenty years, she has satisfied clients through her two marketing consultancy agencies (Setzu & Massa LTD and Elena Setzu International) and her books.

She is also a renowned speaker at conferences, universities, seminars and high schools in Italy.

In 2021:

Elena never wrote this book. Hers 2021 book Is “Effective eCommerce Strategy” available on Amazon, it helps small size and medium size businesses to expand and sell their products online

Continuing with her collaboration with Radio Internazionale, Elena Setzu created her 8 Weeks Marketing Podcast, which is among the most listened to women’s Business podcasts.

In her article, marketing consultant Elena Setzu revealed that she abandoned abstract and creative philosophies to focus on what matters. She realized that the only thing they are suitable for is making people feel better about themselves, which doesn’t get them closer to success.