Electronic Manufacturing Services in the Medical Industry

Health is too valuable to experiment with. When you’re supplying electronics to the medical industry, there is no question of using half measures. After all, it is all about devices that are manufactured to save human life and health. Patient experience is also essential. Electronic Manufacturing Services in the medical industry should be characterized by the highest quality, traceability, refined processes, and rigorous control. How does it look in practice? Let us explain.

Contract manufacturing of electronics for the medical sector is growing rapidly in popularity. In particular, this trend became apparent in 2020, a year that brought many new and difficult challenges to the medical industry. Therefore, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly turning to the Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers to cope better with the growing volume of orders for electronic devices for the medical industry. An EMS partner is expected to deliver the highest quality and professionalism at every stage of production.

Traceability and certification

Companies that are looking for a manufacturing partner for their custom electronic components have rigorous quality requirements and an uncompromising approach to industry best practices. OEMs are very careful when deciding about outsourcing the EMS providers with proven expertise. In order to become a trustworthy contract manufacturer of medical electronics, it is not enough to have adequate technical facilities.

All processes and services offered by the contract manufacturer should be certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. That’s the foundation! Compliance with these standards proves that the production process of electronics at every stage, from the assembly of printed circuits (PCBA) to the final assembly, is of the highest quality and is adapted to the requirements of the medical industry.

Comprehensive solutions

Electronic devices for the healthcare industry are categorized as demanding products. The production of such elements should be distinguished by properly organized systems and requires the closest attention to detail. It is challenging to achieve this when you outsource contract production to several entities. The coordination of several outsourcing companies requires a lot of time and experience to avoid errors at the production stage.

Therefore, in the case of Electronic Manufacturing Services in the medical industry, it is extremely important that an EMS partner offers a comprehensive range of services. This minimizes the likelihood of deviations from standards and specifications and allows you to maintain product repeatability and reliable quality control.

Patient experience

The provision of engineering and manufacturing services for medical devices cannot happen without taking care of the patient’s experience. An experienced EMS should have the appropriate knowledge and expertise to propose production solutions that will correspond to the latest trends and technologies. Next-generation medical devices should be smaller, lighter, and more functional. The same rule applies to their components. By creating reliable and technologically advanced electronic products on request, EMS partners improve the patient experience and, thus, have a huge impact on improving the competitiveness of their clients.

The possibility to perform tests

You have to remember that electronics made for the medical industry have to be reliable and offer the highest safety level. This equipment is designed to save patients’ lives and health. Therefore, it is essential to perform multiple tests. The medical devices cannot be simply put into production and use without a thorough testing phase.

In the case of electronic manufacturing services for the medical industry, you cannot rely only on general and standard tests. An EMS partner should have an appropriate test development team composed of experts with knowledge and experience. It is beneficial to choose a contractor that will perform both assembly and tests of the device. Experienced companies in the field of electronics assembly for the medical industry can build completely new, automatic testing devices from scratch, which will be adapted in every aspect to the purpose of a given device. A professional contractor should also be able to redesign the existing test systems and solutions. Thanks to this approach, OEM can be sure that its new product will be thoroughly tested.

To find out what an EMS partner should offer in terms of both assembly and testing of electronic devices for the medical industry, check the information on the Assel website. This company is a professional supplier of electronics assembly for the medical industry. They are qualified in the field of safety, environmental, and ICT tests. Assel also has X-Ray 3D technologies, automatic optical control (AOI) 3D, and solder paste quality control (SPI), also in 3D.

Cooperation with a company that is aware of the requirements of the healthcare market in relation to compliance with relevant regulations and standards and can only be a source of profits for each SSO. When an EMS partner offers their knowledge and experience, medical entities can focus on their core business.

For more information, see: https://asselems.com/en/medical