Are electric shavers harsh on sensitive skin?

Shaving and trimming are not just about keeping your facial hair growth in check. It is more than that. For most men, their beard and facial hair define their identity and style. Not everybody keeps a beard, though; some people love to keep their face clean-shaven. Also, sometimes people need to shave their beards regularly for job requirements. Anyway, whatever the reason is, you need to keep your facial hair in check. However, shaving and trimming might not be easy for people with sensitive skin types. When it comes to shaving, people with sensitive skin are at a higher risk of getting cuts and rashes than people with normal skin. Shaving on sensitive skin can cause many skin problems, such as pimples, acne, rashes, ingrown hair, etc. It is wise to use an electric shaver for sensitive skin

Manual shaving can cause severe skin problems and can make your condition worse if you have sensitive skin. However, the blades of electric shavers don’t come in direct contact with your skin. So it is a safer way to shave on sensitive skin. Though, it is very hard to choose from a pile of options. Not all electric shavers are good for sensitive skin. To help you choose, the best electric shaver for sensitive skin will help you choose the right one for you.  

Shaving tips for sensitive skin: 

Wash your skin properly:

This is applicable for people with both sensitive and normal skin types. Always wash your face and body properly with lukewarm water and natural facewash and rinse it well. This process will make your hair follicles loosen up. This process will make the shaving procedure smooth and less painful. Also, it will reduce the chances of growing ingrown hairs. 

Use a shaving gel or cream:

Shaving cream, gel or beard wash makes a thick lather which makes your facial hair soft. It helps in cutting it smoothly. Always remember to check the ingredients of the shaving cream or gel you are using. Try to buy chemical-free products. Shaving cream with chemicals can ignite your skin problems.

Choose a wet shaver:

Both dry and wet electric shavers can cut through your facial hair smoothly. But, if you have severe skin problems and especially suffer from acne growth on your face, wet shavers can do more good than dry shavers. Wet shaving is way safer than dry shaving. 

Clean your electric shaver regularly:

This is the basic hygiene protocol you should follow every time you shave. Cleaning the blade after every use not only makes the machine function properly, but also reduces the chances of getting infected. Also, cleaning your electric razor helps the blades to sharpen themselves automatically. 

Moisturize immediately after shaving:

This is the most important part after shaving on sensitive skin. Whether you are shaving with cream or not, shaving dries up your skin instantly, which affects the health of your skin and can cause serious problems. Immediately after you have, use a moisturizer on your face to retain the moisture in your skin. However, try to use a natural moisturizer. 

Almost all electric shavers are more or less good for sensitive skin, but there is some shaver with more advanced technology that makes shaving in sensitive skin easy. Yes, I am talking about the foil and rotary shavers. Let’s get to know which one is better:

Foil Vs. Rotary shavers: 

Rotary and foil are the two advanced technologies modern electric shavers use. Rotary shavers are generally easy to use because they tend to bend according to the contour of your face, allowing the shaver to cut through your beard smoothly. On the other hand, if you are looking for a clean shave, a foil shaver is best for you. 

Rotary shavers are typically quieter than foil shavers. Also, rotary shavers reduce the risk of ingrown hair growth. On the other hand, oil shavers are a great option if you have acne or pimples. These two types of shavers both protect your skin from getting rashes or injuries. 

To help you choose the right shaver for you, I have listed down some points that you should know before buying an electric shaver for your sensitive skin

Flexible and sharp blades:

The first and foremost thing you should remember while choosing the right shaver for you is the blades. Or your sensitive skin, flexible and sharp. It will help if you buy a shaver with the self-sharpening feature. The blades that rotate and adjust to the contour of your face easily cut out hair, and you don’t have to run the trimmer again and again. If you use a shaver with dull blades, it can cause tantrums while cutting hair from difficult areas and it can cause razor burns. Also, it increases the risk of ingrown hairs. 

Skin Friendly:

This is probably the most important thing you should look for while buying an electric razor for your sensitive skin. Electric razors with harsh blades or stiff heads are not particularly sensitive skin-friendly. These blades leave your skin exposed to bacteria and illness. Also, these shavers require too much pressure while shaving, which can affect your skin problems and even amplify them. 

Non-Slip grip:

Non Slip grip is an essential requirement while shaving on sensitive skin types. Sensitive skin comes with many complications, and the shaving or trimming procedure has to be smooth. A proper non-slip grip not only adjusts to your palm but also gives you more control over the saver so that you can shave carefully in the affected areas. 


If you are shaving on sensitive skin, you should be careful while shaving. I understand the risks related to it. Whenever you are shaving, try to follow proper hygiene to prevent the spread of your condition. Refrain from shaving or trimming if your acne or pimples hurt. Consult a dermatologist if needed. I hope this write-up will help you choose the right product for you. Shave carefully.