Electric Motors In Kenya – Prices, Types, Availability, And Applications

There are so many electronics in the Kenyan marketplace. However, electric motors are unique in their prices. Unlike other contemporary electronics, electric motors serve many functions and come in different styles. Continue reading to know more about motors in Kenya.

An electric motor is a devicethat is used in turning machines using electricity. The motors have a wide range of applications and come in different varieties, prices, sizes, and shapes. If you are looking to get an electric motor, here’s what you should know before buying such a device in Kenya.

Types of electric motors

Usually, most of the electric motors are imported from abroad, hence available in many types. The main types of electric motors are brushed and brushless electric motors. Brushed electric motors are differentiated from brushless motors by the presence of carbon brushes. As expected, brushless electric motors lack brushes and therefore are more effective.

Brushed motors are known to produce a lot of heat and sound when used. However, they are being faced out of the market by brushless motors which are more efficient and economical. Although both types consume electric power, they can either use alternating current or direct current depending on the specifications and requirements.


Most of the established electronics shops will always have electric motors. The availability tends to be high in cities compared to rural areas due to the purchasing power of the two places. Therefore, most electricians will prefer to purchase from cities and large towns where electric motors are readily available at subsidized prices. 

They are also available in most online shops. Hence, you can easily find them online. The disadvantage of purchasing online is that the prices tend to be higher since most online shops sell electronics that are imported. Electric motor prices in Kenya are always determined by their availability.


The price of an electric motor is not constant. It will always vary depending on the type, size, and area of application. For instance, a small electric motor used in old radios will be cheaper than an electric motor used to pump water. Similarly, a brushed electric motor will be less costly compared to a brushless electric motor. In this case, the differences in prizes are determined by their efficiency.

The price is also determined by the type of electric motor that you purchase. Usually, electric motors with high performance are costly, for example, brushless motors. In simple terms, expensive motors always have better performance and capabilities than cheaper electric motors.


The electric motors can be found in most home appliances. As mentioned above, they are applied in radios and water pumping machines. You are also likely to find them in your kitchen appliances like microwaves. Have you ever heard of an electric bike? It also uses an electric motor. These are just a few examples but there are many more appliances that use electric motors.

In conclusion, electric motors in Kenya have different prices which are determined by factors like availability, application, and type. When choosing an electric motor, consider these factors to ensure that you get the right equipment.