Electric Guitar Maintenance Tips

The topic of electric guitar care is incredibly significant. Because we musicians want to go right to playing, it’s often disregarded. However, in order to perform, you must first have a functional, operating guitar in decent shape.

Taking care of your guitar means getting the most out of it, having it sounding its best at all situations, and saving time and dollars in the long term. Here’s a rundown of some electric guitar upkeep suggestions to consider. If you take it carefully, your guitar’s usability and sound will improve.


This refers to the location of your guitar in your home. It may appear simple, but as we grow more comfortable with our instruments and the novelty wears off, it’s all too easy to cease caring for them as much.

Make sure it’s in a secure location where nothing will fall on it and the humidity and temperature are generally stable.

electric guitar
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Next, get yourself a nice guitar case. A hard-shell case is the perfect choice, but they can be costly and prevent you from carrying the guitar on your back. Many individuals are put off by these things, which is understandable.

Make absolutely sure you have a cushioned, thick, and robust soft case. When you buy electric guitars online, you sometimes get extras for free, so check


Guitars are frequently damaged when being transported. So, consider how you’ll carry your instrument, or how you’ll arrange for it to be carried. Especially when it comes to public transportation, such as rail or aircraft travel.

People have also been known to buy their instruments its own aircraft seat (sometimes with Mr. Guitar written on the ticket)! Many of us are unable to do so due to logistical or budgetary constraints, but the message remains. It’ll be out of your control for a few hours, so do everything you can to ensure your instrument is adequately safeguarded.

Setup and verify on a regular basis

If you buy a new instrument, it’s best if it’s already skilfully set up. If not, the store should be able to assist you. Nevertheless, you should get your guitar’s configuration examined and adjusted as needed on a regular basis.

It’s a terrific feeling to play a freshly set-up guitar, and it’ll help keep your instrument in decent condition in the long run.

Strings are changed on a regular basis

It’s debatable how often this should be done. Some guitarists restring every 6 to 8 weeks, while others restring every show! It’s also much less frequently for many of us as we break out of the habit. So, get back into the swing of things!

It not only refreshes and revitalizes your sound, but it also allows you to do some of the cleaning and polishing.

Tip: To extend the life of your strings, clean them with only a dry cloth after each training session.

No moisture

Always keep your guitar free from dampness. This does not only imply that you should avoid pouring liquids on it! It also implies you shouldn’t try to wipe it with water or any unapproved instrument-specific cleaning chemicals. In the same way, don’t keep it outside or near a window in wet weather!