Eight ways to fix the refrigerator door that won’t close correctly

Refrigerator doors that won’t close are a common problem. A broken seal on the door is usually to blame, but sometimes it’s something more serious like a faulty hinge or latch. There are several easy ways you can repair your fridge without hiring an expensive professional. 

Luckily, you can fix a broken fridge door without having to hire expensive refrigerator repair services Roswell. Here are ten ways to use everyday items around the house to get that fridge back in working order. You’ll be enjoying fresh food again before you know it! This article will outline ten different techniques for fixing your fridge door at home, from replacing the hinges to adjusting the latch! 

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  1. Clear away any food
  2. Check that the rubber strip
  3. Something gets jammed
  4. Location matters
  5. Installation of the fridge 
  6. Refrigerator body and gasket door seal
  7. Inspect the Refrigerator hinges
  8. Simple adjustments to Refrigerator door hinges

Clear away any food

If the fridge door doesn’t close properly, you might need to clear away any food on or around the seal and wipe it down.

Check that the rubber strip

Check that the rubber strip along the bottom of your fridge door is not hanging up on anything. So, like a carpet, dishcloth or kitchen towel if your fridge is located upstairs. We’ve also had more than one fridge where some kind of spillage dripped down from above. And ended up inhibiting the proper closure of the Fridge Door. A quick clean up fixed this problem as well. 

Something gets jammed

Sometimes something gets jammed inside between the fridge body and the fridge door. So, we had one case where a child’s toy or a knife block was wedged behind the fridge door and holding it open. Well, this sounds unusual, but it has happened to us.

Location matters

Sometimes refrigerators doors don’t close properly because of the way Refrigerators are installed. For instance, if your Refrigerator is located upstairs. Well, there is no clearance for both Refrigerator height and Refrigerator door swing. 

Then you might find that once you have pushed the Refrigerator back. So, its Refrigerator door still will not shut on its own because it strikes something as it closes. These Doorallations can be fixed by shortening the hinge pins’ length to provide some extra space for closing the Refrigerator door.

Installation of the fridge 

Refrigerators are designed to be anchored in a kitchen corner. Well, where Refrigerator doors open into the corner and not out towards you or your wall. Suppose the Refrigerator is not installed this way. So, it can lead to the Refrigerator door remaining open rather than closing on its own. 

When pushed back by an adult using both hands-on Refrigerator handle(s). If this problem applies to you, you should consider purchasing a Refrigerator with a “Soft-Close” feature for Refrigerator doors. So, which prevents them from getting stuck halfway closed and makes closing them more leisurely.

Refrigerator body and gasket door seal

Ensure that the Refrigerator body and Refrigerator gasket (door seal) surface against each other Refrigerator door is closing correctly. And that the Refrigerator gasket is not broken. If the Refrigerator door is slammed, shut. Or the Refrigerator door sounds like it’s hitting something (or the Refrigerator doesn’t close by itself). So, this may be a Refrigerator gasket problem rather than a Refrigerator door problem.

Inspect the Refrigerator hinges

Inspect the Refrigerator hinges to make sure they aren’t bent or warped. If Refrigerators are not anchored correctly in place, as pointed out above. So, then you might find that Refrigerators can warp and become unlevel. Well, which makes proper sealing of Refrigerator difficult and makes doors hard to open or shut properly.

Simple adjustments to Refrigerator door hinges

You can also make simple adjustments to Fridge door hinges with standard household tools like a screwdriver to fix your Fridge door, which won’t close at all times. But should not adjust the Fridge door unless it’s necessary. Because if you keep adjusting the hinges. So, you’ll have other problems in no time.


If you’ve found that your fridge door won’t close and it’s time to get back to normal, try our tips for repairing a fridge. First, clear away any food from the area where you’re working to avoid ruining anything else in the fridge. Next, check that the rubber strip is attached to both sides of the gasket (sometimes this can slip out). 

Thirdly we recommend looking at how something gets jammed. So, which could be an object or condensation between two surfaces. The next three steps are all about location: first, checking how to level your kitchen floor is. Also, the second making sure there isn’t too much weight on one side of the refrigerator body so as not to cause uneven pressure. So, this way, you can fix the problem without having samsung refrigerator repair near me