Eight Locations and Growing! Chase Campbell Is Reinventing Retail at Size Up

There is no doubt that the fitness industry is booming. As more people focus on health and wellness to maintain their active lifestyles, supplements and apparel are starting to take center stage. Athleisure—a combination of athletic and casual fashion—is becoming increasingly popular for people on the go. So are nutritional supplements, which give people a boost in energy, from their workout to the office. Entrepreneur Chase Campbell saw an opportunity in the market for both products and went for it.



Campbell is the CEO of the unique retailer Size Up, which sells supplements and apparel to fitness-minded people. From its headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan, the company offers an array of products designed with a specific lifestyle in mind.



“Size Up is a lifestyle brand,” explains Campbell. “We understand that our customers are looking for many products to serve their needs, not just one. As for inventory, the company offers a well-rounded selection and provides a one-stop-shop for active men and women.



Workout and pre-workout supplements are available alongside extensive men and women’s collections, which include tees, tanks, pants, designer jeans, and accessories.



 “When I started Size Up, I noticed a lot of retailers were selling individual products for active customers, but they weren’t catering to the lifestyle,” says Campbell. “That is when I decided that Size Up would focus primarily on being a lifestyle brand as opposed to a single product. That approach changed the entire game for us, and we saw rapid growth.”



With eight locations and growing, it is clear Campbell knows precisely how to reinvent retail to serve more modern customers. For him, Size Up was a dream he would not give up on. “I put a couch in the back of my first store so that I could sleep there,” laughs Campbell. “Nothing was going to stop me. I gave it my all.



That approach seems to be paying off—the company has 25 employees in the United States, with another seven working abroad.



Reinventing retail just came naturally to Campbell, and he was able to implement that through his brand. “People take a singular look at products all the time,” he says. “What you have to look at is your customer’s entire lifestyle because that will show you exactly where you can serve them. So, create and choose your product line accordingly.”



Overall, Size Up is a fascinating brand with a lot of variety and continued room for growth. With an eye on expansion, Campbell will continue to change the face of retail one Size Up location at a time.




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