The daily influence of the ego on us

From the moment we understand the other elements that are part of the human psyche, in this case the id and the superego, we can understand, effectively and practically, the importance and daily influence of the ego in our life. 

Ego meaning in different language

  • Ego meaning in Thai = อาตมา
  • Ego meaning in Japanese =自我
  • Ego meaning in Hindi = अहंकार

According to Freud, when a person gives in too much to the id’s appeals, he runs the risk of becoming and being seen as a wanton and wanton. 

However, if the opposite happens, that is, if it is only tied to what the superego imposes, it incurs the possibility of ending up going crazy. In this context, the ego comes in to become the great regulator of the human mind.

According to his studies, the ego is that part of the mind that is in charge of guarding the reservoir of memories, experiences, thoughts, ideas, feelings and also sensations, besides having as one of its responsibilities the motor system of a person, as well as the connection it makes to the world outside of it. 

Another role that the ego plays is that of acting on defense mechanisms, even if unconsciously, working to preserve the entire psychic system, including projections, rationalizations, regressions, denials, among others in this process.

Positive and negative points of the ego

So far we have understood what ego is, what ego means, as well as its daily influence on our lives. 

In addition to the aspects I mentioned, there are several other ways the ego manifests itself positively and negatively in the reality in which we live, which is what I will discuss next. 

Positive aspects of the ego

As much as it is seen as something bad and, often, in a derogatory and pejorative way, the ego has its positive aspects, which need to be taken into account. 

One of the examples of this is the fact that it plays an essential role in our daily lives, even if we don’t stop to notice. 

What I mean is that the ego helps us to stay alive, generating specific ways and situations for this to happen. 

The reason for this is that, constantly, he works on looking for references, which are in accordance with everything that we have already gone through in our life, and also those related to our survival instinct.  

In addition, so that we can solve our problems more easily, it helps us to find solutions and answers, through the conclusions that are drawn from these experiences that we live. 

Thus, both personally and professionally, the proper development of the ego has the power to make us more confident individuals, to make more assertive decisions in our daily lives, as well as to exercise the role of leaders, among several other benefits. 

Negative aspects of the ego

As I said, no matter how little we recognize, the ego does have points, which influence us positively. However, like everything else in life, it also has its negative aspects and, if we cannot control it, we will be constantly put on an inadequate path by it. 

The first point to be cited as negative is to make us believe that we are always right. 

Because it works in a linear way, that is, it acts according to each person’s limited perception, it ends up emphasizing in us the need we have to like and to always prefer to be right, regardless of whether we are wrong or not.

When we become aware of this, instead of acting more appropriately, we end up acting reactively, a situation that can lead us to develop a negative look, as well as bad feelings about ourselves. 

The second negative point of the ego, concerns the egocentrism, which is even considered important, for us to build a positive self-image of ourselves. 

However, this becomes dangerous when we end up losing the ability to communicate, to cooperate with other people and also to deal with conflicts and problems that arise throughout life. 

In this case, it is essential that when egocentrism arises, it is seen as a phase to be properly overcome, otherwise, it can transform us into fragile individuals who do not react to problems and frustrations. 

How to control the ego?

So that you don’t suffer from the negative influence of the ego in your life, here are efficient tips, able to help you to control it, effectively and practically. Check out:

Avoid taking it personally

In a discussion or debate, avoid taking the other person’s point of view personally and feeling offended by it. 

When you notice that you are starting to feel offended, walk in the opposite direction, understanding that it is the negative side of your ego that is trying to control you, wanting you to always be right in everything. 

Abandon the need to live in competition

Many people with inflated ego believe that they always need to win and be better than others to feel good. 

If you have identified yourself, the ideal is that you abandon this need, so that, in this way, you can live in a lighter way, without letting the ego dominate you. 

Always remember to remember never to forget that the best thing to do is enjoy your journey here, understanding that we are all winners in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, there is no need to compete with anyone at all. 

Feel full and satisfied with what you have

If we’re not careful, the ego can make us live in an eternal state of dissatisfaction. In this sense, it is necessary to practice, daily, an exercise and gratitude, looking at what we have, for what we have already achieved, and finding the fullness and satisfaction in it. 

Otherwise, we will always live dissatisfied, thinking that the happiness we so much want is far away, when, in fact, we’ve already been faced with it several times and we can’t see it. 

The ego, of course, is an important aspect of our existence and for it to contribute to our having a fuller and happier life, it is necessary to observe ourselves, because, in this way, we will be able to control its negative actions on us. 

I hope I have helped you effectively with this content and that it has served to expand your knowledge and that of your friends and family. Leave in the comments what you think and remember to keep following us, so you don’t miss any of our news.