Effortless Landscaper Consulting Review – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle

If you are a consultant or ever wanted to earn passive income from home, in the next few minutes you’re going to learn about a surprising experiment I conducted offering a brand new Google service to local landscaping contractors.


In a single afternoon, I used a cold demonstration email to land 13 landscaping clients each paying up to 500 a month for the next two years

That’s sixty-five hundred dollars per month in passive income or hundred and fifty-six thousand dollars in total payments over the next two years.

The best part is that this demonstration email provides so much value that there is never any rejection or spam complaints just happy replies from clients who are eager to pay you 500 per month all for a service that takes about an hour to set up and 20 minutes a month to maintain.


Effortless Landscaper Consulting is everything you need to collect 500 recurring payments from local landscaping companies.

Effortless Landscaper Consulting FE: Effortless Landscaper Consulting

Effortless Landscaper Consulting OTO 1: Effortless Landscaper Marketing Package

Effortless Landscaper Consulting OTO 2: Landscaper Sales Funnel Package

Effortless Landscaper Consulting OTO 3: Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership


Let’s discover Effortless Landscaper Consulting:

In this mini webinar, you will learn why landscapers are goldmines and the surprising reason they reply to your emails immediately what this new Google service is that clients are happily paying 500 per month for, and how to write the perfect rejection-proof email that locks new clients into two-year consulting contracts without haggling for your fees

Now I promise this is unlike anything you have seen. You will be able to duplicate my results with no software no sales calls or presentations no techy skills and no previous experience in fact you don’t even have to speak to the landscapers who are hiring you because this entire system is done over email

The folks who watch a live version of this webinar have reported back with incredible results Brian Laurie from Athens Georgia says hi Luther thanks for reaching out so far I’ve booked nine clients. With the email strategy given to us in the training webinar, I did everything verbatim the way you demonstrated working for about two hours a day this past week. I’m sharing my PayPal results with you and this is only the first month of client fees and

Elizabeth Seth from Inglewood New Jersey reports a result post I love that you share these strategies with us Luther following your programs I am always offering the latest marketing tactics to clients and keep a steady pipeline of five new client contracts per month. You share things that are tested in the real world and allow us to benefit from your constant creativity joining your coaching and using the methods you teach was the best decision of my professional life

And Ronald Harrison from Bend Oregon says your systems have made my business what it is today I’ve been using your pre-written emails to consistently land new consulting clients for years and is my number one source of business the business owners who sign up are always open to other services and using your upselling formula.

I’ve been earning an average of eight thousand dollars from each client plus recurring monthly revenues I highly recommend your products and membership coaching to anyone who wants to go full-time as a consultant folks who watch the live version of this webinar have taken this strategy and locked in 500 a month contracts with landscapers in their area

Right now you have the chance to experience the same results earning passive income by offering an untapped in-demand service to local landscaper companies. There is a new program offered by Google that allows local businesses to set appointments and collect leads from inside the search result page as a bonus google rewards businesses using the system with higher rankings in local results simply activating the service is enough to leapfrog a company’s page straight into the prize three pack usually to the first position and start generating leads immediately lawyers accountants even hair stylists have been taken advantage of this service to generate customers landscaping contractors

On the other hand, have not been using it no matter what city you search for a landscaper you will not find a single one that is set up with this service it’s almost like Google and every other marketing agency decided that this service wouldn’t be useful to landscapers this creates a massive opportunity because landscapers need leads most landscapers will get the occasional lead from the yellow pages or from word of mouth from previous customers

However, the vast majority of new landscaper jobs come from homeowner leads they’ve bought online from one of the big league companies these leads cost anywhere from 100 to 300 hours per lead depending on the type of job the average landscaper company spends thousands sometimes tens of thousands of dollars every month on leads in order to generate enough new business to stay afloat this is why it was such a shock to me that none of these landscaping companies appeared to be using google’s lead generation system I’ve been managing this service for a 500 a month fee to many businesses that need a constant flow of leads like lawyers and accountants

My clients love this service and are happy to pay my fee because it generates dozens of fresh buyer leads every single month as soon as it is set up knowing how effective this lead source is and seeing that landscapers were not taking advantage of it I saw an opportunity and so one afternoon I tried a little experiment to see if I could tap into it I got a list of 50 landscaping companies with a simple google search and emailed each of them telling them about this new google service as well as detailed instructions on how to set it up for their business yep I gave away the goose in every email I told them how to do all the work themselves

At the end of the email I offered to do the work for them and keep their listing updated for a small fee of 500 a month this non-sales approach eliminates any rejection and only hooks the client who are generally interested and wanted to save time by having someone do the work for them the results of this little experiment were surprising most of the business owners replied back thanking me for helping them with about a third of them ready to pay my 500 fees to have the work done for them

This allowed me to land 13 clients within three days of sending my first email 6500 a month in reoccurring fees setting up the service only takes about an hour or it could be outsourced for around 100 to a freelancer after turning on the service your clients see their listing leapfrog to the top of google’s three pack in just a few short days this floods the client with fresh homeowners looking for a landscaping estimate now what surprised me about this experiment was just how fast the replies and sales came in many times I would see a reply from landscapers minutes after emailing them

You see landscapers are a little different from most business owners most handle sales themselves and are always trying to book new jobs which means they are constantly monitoring their inbox waiting for leads and quote requests to hit them so they can quickly reply and book the business imagine a local business niche where every email you send reaches the owner directly gets his full attention and gets a fast reply

This makes for some of the easiest to book clients you could ask for and since landscapers are not yet using this service every client you take on will have a massive advantage over the competition they see an immediate boost in leads jobs and cash flow listen if you can get a business owner any business owner new customers and generate cash for their business you will never go hungry think about it this way according to homeguide.com landscaping work can cost three thousand to fifteen thousand dollars or more while regular lawn care jobs can bring in 3200 for a typical season

If a business owner invests 500 per month in your service and land just one new deal every month that’s a minimum of three thousand dollars cash to their bottom line making your 500 monthly fees one of the best investments they can make in their business in fact I have had students charging fifteen hundred dollars per month for this service allowing them to earn more money with fewer clients this service provides so many leads that clients will come to you every time they need something new for their business

It’s the perfect gateway product to establish a long-term relationship with clients I’ve sold several products and services to landscapers after hooking them up with this offer including 2500 for a new website that I outsource for 500 a thousand-dollar monthly management fee to manage Facebook ads and 500 per month for email list management listen there are over 100 000 landscaping companies across the US with new ones opening daily landscaping is a 100 billion dollar a year industry with smaller local companies generating most of the revenue earning between 100 000 and 500 000 annually these companies would love to hire a marketing agency to help them grow their business

They just can’t afford the tens of thousands of dollars most agencies charge even for the basic stuff this creates a massive opportunity for anyone who is willing to help these business owners generate customers at a rate that they can afford you can get in the middle of that action by offering a service that connects the homeowners who need landscaping to the contractors who can provide the service I shared this experiment with my coaching students

And they found similar results with landscapers eager to jump on Google’s new service happy to pay 500 a month for the leads it generates realizing just how easy and fast it is to earn passive income by offering this service to the landscapers who need it I decided to compile everything that made this experiment work into a detailed coaching program so anyone can use it to duplicate my results from home after all

There are far more struggling landscapers out there than there are consultants who can offer this solution.

Inside this program, you will discover how to quickly find landscaping companies that need this service with a simple Google search the sneaky email subject line that no landscaper can ignore and gets a 64 open rate the demonstration email to send to landscapers that gets them on the hook to pay 500 for this solution without any selling or rejection they either buy from you or they send you a thank you no rejection no angry emails no spam complaints

Just a full step-by-step walkthrough on how to set this up in under an hour refer to this guide every time you land a new client or give this guide to an outsourcer so they could do all the work for you and a complete list of outsourcers and white label companies that can handle the work for you at a fraction of the fees you charge you now have everything you need to offer this crucial solution to the landscapers who will pay top dollar for it an hour’s work for five hundred dollars is a great money

And as a special bonus I’ve included my client upsell formula coaching completely free with this program you’ll learn the service that I resell to turn 500 clients into happy 5 000 clients that pay for the services they need to grow their business and see an incredible return on their investment all of these services can be outsourced for a fraction of the fees you collect earning you a healthy recurring profit every month here’s the deal I’m planning to launch the effortless landscaper consulting system via webinar at a price of 197 dollars in the coming weeks

Before I do that I need even more testimonials from regular folks who are using this system to earn money from home so if you are on this page now consider yourself lucky you get to join this coaching program at less than half of what everyone else has to pay act right now and promise to send me a testimonial after you earn your first paycheck and you can join this coaching program for one easy payment of only twenty-seven dollars

Listen don’t decide right now take advantage of my 60-day no-questions-asked guarantee just try the effortless landscaper consulting system on me for a full 60 days if you don’t land at least three clients if you don’t earn the money you feel you should be making or even if you just don’t like the way I put this program together any reason at all send me a support ticket with the word refund and I will send you back every penny no questions asked no hassles remember this offer is only valid until the end of the week. Click on the add to cart button below and I will see you in the member’s area


Effortless Landscaper Consulting works for rookies and veterans alike.

  1. Fire your boss – Have enough money that you can walk away from any situation. You are a slave to no one and can adopt a ‘take no crap’ philosophy.
  2. ZERO debt, huge savings, and an 800 credit score – My debts are completely paid off, and all my bills are paid ahead of time. This has boosted my credit and made everything cheaper. Think about it: With good credit comes lower mortgage rates, credit card rates, and bonus perks only offered to those with good credit.
  3. Bills are paid ahead of time – I have enough saved to pay my bills for the next 3 years. Every month I receive a statement saying I owe $0 because the bills have been pre-paid. The stress I used to feel is just gone…
  4. ​Emergency fund for anything that comes your way – Life happens. Maybe the most important thing this program has given me is the peace of mind of a nest egg that is there for my family that can be used to solve any problem that comes our way.
  5. ​Work on my own time – Some days I sleep late. Some nights I go to bed early. Some days I just play with my kids. I plan my work around my life and not my life around my work.
  6. ​Work from anywhere – My family and I moved to a quiet little community that has been a blessing for us. We spend summers away in different parts of the world. All the while, I am able to run my business from my laptop. This has been an amazing experience for myself and my children.


Effortless Landscaper Consulting has 1 Front-end & 3 OTOs:









Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


  • Does Effortless Landscaper Consulting work outside the U.S.?
    YES! As long as you can open a PayPal account you can earn money as a consultant… no matter where you live. All the details are provided in the course.
  • Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up businesses?)
    YES! You can do it all from your computer. Remember, business owners, are busy, too, so they’re happy to avoid a face-to-face meeting and get signed up over the phone or email via PayPal.
  • Is there any upsell or OTO?
    Everything you need to get started as a consultant for local businesses is included in this program. NO Additional purchase is needed to make money! After purchasing you will have the option of buying extra sales materials to help you grow your business, yet these are only needed if you want to grow your business beyond 6-figures.
  • Can I get private coaching?
    Yes! I will partner with you and help you launch a product of your own similar to this one. The cost of this coaching program is $2,500. If you are interested email me at luther at landroinnercircle.com.
  • Are there any other costs involved?
    NO! You can get started as a consultant with no other out-of-pocket expense. I handle my entire business from my Gmail account, which is a free email provider. All it takes is a few hours of work each week sending out these emails in order to see results
  • How much money can I make?
    There is no guarantee you will make any money when trying to sell services to business owners, in fact, most new consultants don’t make any money at all because they take little action and give up quickly.
    That said, my coaching students have been earning anywhere from a few thousand dollars per month to over 7 figures a year selling consulting services to local business owners over email. It all depends on how many clients you are willing to work with:
  • How do I get paid?
    This Effortless Landscaper Consulting program will teach you how to invoice business owners through PayPal and bill them every month. Once set up, you never have to worry about collecting money from your clients, everything is handled securely and automatically by PayPal.
  • How fast can I get paid?
    How fast you can get paid depends on how much action you take. First-time consultants have been getting paid in as little as 36 hours from starting when they follow the instructions.


I hope that my Effortless Landscaper Consulting OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!


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