Effortless Dental Consulting Review – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle

I have a crazy story to share with you, you see I recently discovered a search engine hack that can leapfrog any dentist to the first page of Google. Almost overnight that’s because 96 of dentists have not set up their Google listing properly and are missing out on one of Google’s most important features

You can get hired by dentists to fix this problem and keep it working for a fee of twenty-five hundred dollars per dentist the work only takes about an hour and can be done from the comfort of your home or if you’re lazy like me you can outsource it for a fraction of the fees you collect each month I’ve been booking dentists as clients using a single demonstration email that provides so much value it’s completely rejection proof

In this mini webinar you will learn:

  • Why 96 dentists are missing out on their best patients by not setting up one crucial part of the Google local listing
  • Where to find dentist clients that will hire you to fix this
  • And how to write the perfect rejection proof email that sells them on paying you twenty-five hundred dollars a month for this service


Thanks to Luther Landro, I get the results I wanted

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Product nameEffortless Dental Consulting
VendorLuther Landro
Front-end price$27
Release Date2023-May-12
Release Time09:00 EDT
RecommendedVery High
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesMega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund60 Day Money Back Guarantee  


Effortless Dental Consulting is a complete business-in-a-box coaching program that gives you everything you need to get hired by dentists at twenty-five hundred dollars per month.

Effortless Dental Consulting FE: Effortless Dental Consulting

Effortless Dental Consulting OTO 1: Effortless Dental Consulting Marketing Package

Effortless Dental Consulting OTO 2: Effortless Dental Consulting Agency Package

Effortless Dental Consulting OTO 3: Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership



Luther Landro is the vendor of Effortless Dental Consulting.

Luther Landro is a full-time consultant, coach, and affiliate business owner. He has worked with companies like Mcdonald’s, Adobe, and Nestle, as well as small businesses around the country. He’s coached thousands of students around the world to build sustainable 6 and 7-figure businesses.

I’ll show you more in my Effortless Dental Consulting Review.


Let’s discover Effortless Dental Consulting:

Inside this program, you will discover the exact search criteria to find dentists who need this service and will rank in Google quickly after you provide this fix the sneaky email subject that no dentist can ignore. Sporting a 68 open rate the demonstration email to send the dentist gets them on the hook to pay 2,500 for this solution without any selling

They either buy from you or send you a thank you no rejection no angry emails and no spam complaints the money front follow-up that I send to every new client cleverly offers a discount if they pay for a year’s service advance only about one in ten clients will take you up on this offer but send it out to every new client you land and eventually you’ll see twenty-five thousand or even fifty thousand dollar lump sum payments in your bank account locking the client in for a full year

Now i promise this is unlike anything you have seen before and by the end of this presentation you will be able to duplicate my results with no software no sales calls or presentations no techy skills and no previous experience in fact you don’t even have to speak to the dentist who are hiring you because this system is done entirely over email the folks who watched a live version of this webinar have reported back with incredible results

Brian laurie from athens georgia says hi luther thanks for reaching out so far I have booked nine clients with the email strategy you gave us in the training webinar i did everything verbatim the way you demonstrated working for about two hours a day this past week i’m sharing my paypal results with you and this is only the first month of client fees

And ronald harrison from Bend Oregon says your systems have made my business what it is today i’ve been using your pre-written emails to consistently land new consulting clients for years and is my number one source of business the business owners who sign up are always open to other services and using your upselling formula I’ve been earning on average of eight thousand dollars from each client plus recurring monthly revenues

I highly recommend your products and membership coaching to anyone who wants to go full-time as a consultant mark ellis recently posted a results post I’m using the latest dentist approach and so far it’s working managed to get two clients ranked on the first page for their keywords so they are locked in at twenty-five hundred dollars a month totally stoked just send more emails and you’ll land deals folks who watch the live version of this webinar have taken this strategy and locked in twenty-five hundred dollars reoccurring payments from local dentists

Right now you have the chance to experience the same results earning passive income by offering a proven set of services to dentists who need new patients but don’t want to do the work themselves just be sure to watch this presentation now because I won’t be keeping it online for long you see a few months ago one of my SEO clients called out of the blue to complain about my service

I had worked hard to get to the Google listing for this dental practice on the first page of Google however he was complaining that all the phone calls he received from the listing were terrible leads most of them wanted basic teeth cleaning and were calling around to price shop. The dentists in the area I asked him who his ideal patients were the ones that he wants to attract in his marketing and he told me that his bread and butter are new patients who want Invisalign treatment and children who need braces afraid to lose him as a client i promise to find a way to book him more of these ideal patients

Now he was already the top search result for a dentist in his town however when I searched for Invisalign or child braces he was nowhere to be found in fact almost none of the dentists in his area were showing up for this search term I took a second look at his local google listing to see if there was any way to fix this i noticed there was a service offered section that only had dental services on the list i added Invisalign children braces and a few other services that my client offers to the list i figured this would at least advertise to searchers that my client offers these treatments

A few days later I got another call from the client what did you do to my Google listing he asked as soon as I picked up the phone I started to panic I thought i broke something I got eight calls from Google listing and booked three Invisalign treatments since we last spoke he told me next i breathed a sign of relief and naturally i took all the credit as soon as i hung up the phone i cracked open my laptop and did a search for Invisalign treatment in my client’s town

Sure enough there he was first result in Google i was as shocked as he was but then it hit me google uses the services listed in these profiles as keywords to rank the business and it totally makes sense when someone searches for a particular service Google wants to give the searcher a list of businesses who can provide it filling out this section properly adds a business to that list and since my client’s listing was the only one that had braces and Invisalign in the list he was the first and only result capturing all the local searches

And flooding him with new patients I immediately knew I had stumbled onto a gold mine you see dentists around the country spend time and money competing with each other to be the first result in Google for people searching for dentists in whatever town the problem is people who search for the generic term dentist are usually looking for a cheap dentist to get their annual checkup or teeth cleaning

When a patient knows which treatment they want they almost always search for it directly to find the best person to provide that service this includes more expensive services that dentists love to provide like bonding veneers caps and crowns bridges Invisalign and metal braces simply adding these services to a dentist google my business listing is enough to get them on the first page of search results

However, the vast majority of dentists are not filling this out completely and missing out on their best patients as a result it’s like they are trying to drive a car with their foot on the gas pedal and the brake at the same time dentists are stepping on the gas hard spending time and money on their SEO yet until they take their foot off the brake pedal and tell google what services to rank for they are just going to spin their wheels and stay in the same place

This one tweak is enough to generate five new clients per month for a dentist I started offering this fix as a service to new dentists with a simple three-step strategy step one I looked for dentists that clearly worked on their search engine listing but have not filled out the section properly step two I send each of them an email explaining this problem and instructions on how to fix it up I gave away the entire secret formula step three at the end of the email I offered to fix it for them and keep them ranked at the top of google for 2500 a month I chose 2500 a month

Because it is a bargain price for a dentist think about it the average lifetime value of a new patient is around four thousand dollars now that’s an average dental patient not including the fees for Invisalign and braces the patients I am promising to deliver are worth far more and so if a dentist books just one new patient every month they’ve earned at least 100 percent return on my 2500 fee this service is generating three to five new patients a month a total no-brainer investment for any serious dentist clients tell me this is the best money they spend on their practice with a higher ROI than local paper or Facebook ads

This three-step soft selling approach completely eliminates rejection dentists right back thankful for the advice and the ones that have the money to invest and see the value in your service sign up on the spot and become your most loyal and high-paying clients sure you could land more clients with a hard-selling email live presentation or series of phone calls

However, this strategy avoids all the hard selling and inevitable rejection by focusing on providing value and attracting the low-hanging fruit clients personally I prefer to work with fewer long-term clients who pay me more money than constantly trying to hard sell a business owner into not only signing up for my service but paying me every month and to maximize the amount of money that can be earned from each client I put together three more services that solve the top three problems that dentists are having in their dental practice

Problem number one appointment no-shows. Did you know that 15 percent of dental appointments or no-shows is a big problem that costs dentists money and wastes their time nothing is more frustrating for a dentist than someone who bails on an appointment and they jump on any opportunity to stop this from happening to help combat this problem I’ve been reselling a text message appointment reminder service for 9.99 a month no work involved just sign your client up

And increase their revenue by reducing the number of no-show appointments problem two not enough referrals or repeat business any dentist will tell you that the best patients always come by referral yet few dentists actively try to generate referrals in their marketing I’ve been selling two services to fix this and they have been met with rave reviews from my dental clients first I offer an email newsletter service at five hundred dollars per month this service is easy to provide

Just sign up your client for a cheap account with Aweber and load it with pre-written emails next I offer facebook content posting for nine hundred dollars per month this service can be outsourced for less than half the fees you collect or you can copy and paste pre-made Facebook posts each day and keep all the money yourself dentists love these two services because it keeps them on top of mind with their patients increasing repeat visits as well as generating new patient referrals

And problem three losing patients to bad online reviews fact eighty-three percent of new patients will search a dentist’s name on Google before making an appointment these patients find bad reviews on sites like Yelp they’re far less likely to make an appointment i charge 500 per month to monitor and improve their online reputation while outsourcing all the work to a top reputation management company for a fraction of that fee all together these services earn four thousand eight hundred ninety-nine dollars per month from each dentist that hires you to imagine sixty thousand dollars per year income from just one client two clients is all

That it takes to earn a healthy six-figure income helping these dentists attract new patients and this business can scale very quickly at 20 clients you’re looking at ninety-seven thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars in fees per month or 1.17 million dollars per year listen if you can get a business owner any business owner new customers and generate cash for their business you will never go hungry whether you want to earn a part-time six-figure income or

You’re willing to put in the hard work to grow this to over a million per year offering these marketing services to local dentists is a sure-fire way to get there I shared this program with coaching students on a live webinar and within a week students were booking 2500 per month contracts for some of them it was their first time earning real money from home realizing just how easy it was to duplicate these results and not only attract clients but upsell them to four thousand dollars per month or more I put together a complete done-for-you program that anyone can use to earn money from home offering this service to local dentists after all there are far more dentists who need this system than there are consultants who can offer it

Imagine what a fifty thousand dollar lump sum tomorrow would do for you full step-by-step instructions are included so you can get started quickly get this right every time you do put it to work or even give it to an outsourcer so all the work is done for you my complete rolodex of outsourcers and white label companies that will do all the hard work for you so you can focus on growing your business rather than running it you now have everything you need to offer this service to local dentists earn thousands of dollars in monthly recurring income

Offering this in-demand fix that sends them quality patience as a special bonus I’ve included my client upsell coaching absolutely free with this program just copy and paste these sales emails to turn twenty-five hundred dollars per month clients into five thousand or seven thousand dollar clients including the names of all the outsourcers and reseller companies that can handle the servicing for you these companies are like client day care centers you collect your monthly fee and just drop off your clients with one of these resellers they handle the rest



Effortless Dental Consulting works for rookies and veterans alike.

  1. Fire your boss – Have enough money that you can walk away from any situation. You are a slave to no one and can adopt a ‘take no crap’ philosophy.
  2. ZERO debt, huge savings, and an 800 credit score – My debts are completely paid off, and all my bills are paid ahead of time. This has boosted my credit and made everything cheaper. Think about it: With good credit comes lower mortgage rates, credit card rates, and bonus perks only offered to those with good credit.
  3. Bills are paid ahead of time – I have enough saved to pay my bills for the next 3 years. Every month I receive a statement saying I owe $0 because the bills have been pre-paid. The stress I used to feel is just gone…
  4. ​Emergency fund for anything that comes your way – Life happens. Maybe the most important thing this program has given me is the peace of mind of a nest egg that is there for my family that can be used to solve any problem that comes our way.
  5. ​Work on my own time – Some days I sleep late. Some nights I go to bed early. Some days I just play with my kids. I plan my work around my life and not my life around my work.
  6. ​Work from anywhere – My family and I moved to a quiet little community that has been a blessing for us. We spend summers away in different parts of the world. All the while, I am able to run my business from my laptop. This has been an amazing experience for myself and my children.

Here’s the deal I’m planning to launch the effortless dental consulting system via webinar at a price of 197 dollars in the coming weeks before I do that I need more testimonials from regular folks who are using this system to earn money from home so if you are on this page now consider yourself lucky you get to join the coaching program at less than half of what everyone else has to pay.

Act right now and promise to send me a testimonial after you earn your first paycheck and you can join this coaching program for one easy payment of only 27 listen don’t decide right now take advantage of my 60 days no questions ask guarantee just try the effortless dental consulting on me for a full 60 days if you don’t land at least three clients

If you don’t earn the money you feel you should be making or even if you just don’t like the way I put this program together for any reason at all send me a support ticket with the word refund and I will send you back every penny no questions asked no hassles remember this offer is only valid until the end of the week so look below this video right now click on the add to cart button below and I will see you in the member’s area.


Generally, Effortless Dental Consulting is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business



✅ Autopilot 24/7 Sales & Commissions

✅ Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

✅ All The Work is Already Done For You

✅ Generate Passive Income For Years

✅ ​​60 Day Money Back Guarantee  


❌ No Cons Found.


Effortless Dental Consulting has 1 Front-end and 3 OTOs:







Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


  • What is this Effortless Dental Consulting?
    Effortless Dental Consulting is an on-demand coaching program that uses AI to generate and launch digital courses for profit. .
  • Is this something I have never seen before?
    This Effortless Dental Consulting method has NEVER been revealed publicly. The AI tools in this program are brand new and hand-picked. This is the first time I’m showing any of this.
  • Is this Effortless Dental Consulting really newbie-friendly?
    Absolutely! Everything is presented in a step-by-step fashion that uses copy/paste materials. No experience is needed. If you can send an email, you can run this business from home.
  • How exactly does this Effortless Dental Consulting work?
    You use AI tools to generate digital products and sell them on online marketplaces.
  • Does Effortless Dental Consulting include a free traffic method?
    YES! Digital course marketplaces provide you with a steady stream of buyer and affiliate traffic.
  • How much can I make with Effortless Dental Consulting?
    Legally, we can’t guarantee that you make any money with this as most people won’t put it into action. That said, our launches range from $10,000-$100,000 in profits per product.
  • How long until I start making money using Effortless Dental Consulting?
    Customers have seen their first paycheck in as little as a week. However, how long it takes depends entirely on how fast you are willing to put this into action.
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    YES! You have a full 60 days to try this out for yourself. If you are not completely 100% satisfied, for any reason at all, just send me a quick email with the word refund, and I’ll send you back every penny. No hassles, no questions.
  • How do I get instant access to Effortless Dental Consulting?
    After you click the buy button and complete the checkout, you will be granted immediate access to the member’s area, where you can access everything listed, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you.
  • How do I price my Effortless Dental Consulting product?
    We cover pricing in module 3 so you’ll know exactly what to charge your customers with a simple formula.
  • How can someone start a digital course business part-time while keeping their full-time job?
    This Effortless Dental Consulting requires only a few minutes a day with AI tools. You can do this early in the morning while you have your coffee or late at night before bed.


I hope that my Effortless Dental Consulting OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!


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