Effects Of CBD Oil On Your Brain And Body

The present situation that people all around are facing is anxiety and stress, which can hinder the functioning of your brain and body. Between all these, there is a steep rise in demand for CBD products. Do you know why? You might be surprised after knowing the answer, “but it promotes both healthy brain functioning and body”. 

Majorly, people buy CBD oil as it is believed to do wonders for the human body. It is consumed by people to overcome health issues that they face, but is it worth it? What are its effects? If you want all these answers, read this text till the end.  

Where does CBD come from?

While you are turning towards any product, you must check its legality and origin to be sure that you are safe. CBD has been recently legalized in the Farm Bill of 2018 but can be used under certain limitations. CBD can be extracted from both Marijuana and Hemp plants, but as per legal conditions, you must use CBD that is derived from only hemp plants and contains 

THC in an amount less than or equal to 0.03%. 

THC might seem to be a new term for recent CBD users, but it is also one of those naturally occurring chemicals in cannabis plants. THC and CBD are quite similar but THC is proven to possess psychoactive effects that can make a man feel high. Hence check the label for legalities, to consume CBD safely. 

What are the similarities between CBD and THC?

The most prominent similarity between both of them is their origin. Both are extracted from cannabis plants, hemp plants, or marijuana plants. Both of them have the same structure but differ in atomic arrangement which makes them different in working. THC is known to work by activating two receptors CB1 and CB2 in the body that can lead to psychological actions that release different neurotransmitters. 

CBD has slower binding rates to CB1 and CB2 than THC. This results in activation but lower rates than doesn’t trigger psychological processes that prevent making a person feel high. This is why CBD is better and can provide you with innumerable medical benefits. 

How does CBD affect the brain and body?

CBD impacts the functioning of both the body and the brain. Here is a list of those effects:

  • Anxiety: 

The most important part is where CBD finds its application in treating anxiety. A study was conducted that reported, that people with social anxiety who consumed 600 mg of CBD dosage daily found a decrease in anxiety to the one not consuming. 11 studies support the fact that anxiety can be reduced by consuming CBD products. 

  • Pain: 

There are varied treatments that can help a person treat pain and ailments. A clinical trial has shown that CBD can help a person deal with long-term chronic pain. If you incorporate 30mg of CBD dosage daily according to a study you will find maximum positive results and diminished pain. 

  • Sleep: 

CBD can induce sleep in humans, but it depends on the dosage. It is evident that when you consume a small amount of CBD it may help you stay awake but on the contrary higher doses can induce a sleepy feeling. There is certain evidence that supports this idea, but wide research is yet to be done. 


CBD has vast benefits to offer the population in terms of body and brain. To harvest these benefits you must consult a doctor, check thc percentage chart and find out the right products. If you want to target a specific action you ought to get the specific CBD form.