Effective Yoga Poses to Keep You Warm in the Winter Season

Parting with a warm and snuggly blanket during winter mornings is no less than an achievement. This is probably why so many yoga enthusiasts often leave their yoga practices in the winter. But if you’re one of those yogis who quickly gets into a downward dog moments after waking up, then we have a few yoga poses you can practice in winter to warm you up even more. If you’re willing to join meditation retreats in Nepal which offer amazing mind training exercises to get you going, then we suggest you practice a bit of yoga before heading to the Himalayas. Not that there aren’t amazing yoga retreats in Nepal but taking baby steps is a great way to prepare. This post is all about the empowerment and motivation you need to get up from the bed and go to the floor to practice yoga, in WINTERS. If winter is coming, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t prepare for it.

Here a 5 awesome yoga moves you can do to keep winters warm and energizing:

  • Child’s pose

This yoga pose is a perfect way to greet cold winter mornings as you don’t need to pull your socks up and go for a mile-long run in the harsh and cold morning. All you need to do is simply wake up and make some space for a yoga session on the floor. Lighting scented candles and parting curtains can get you in the mood for doing yoga. Once you have spread your yoga mat and probably turned on soothing morning music, you may gently lower your body to the floor and put your face between your knees as you breathe deeply. Extend your arms forward and gently place them on the floor while curled up on your knees. This pose gently wakes you from your sleepy state and tunes you for a refreshing morning start.

  • Sun Salutations

Merely 2 energizing sessions of sun salutations or Surya Namaskar can activate your chakras and get you going. Once you’re settled in your morning routine with a child’s pose, rise and make a bow to the sun with your whole body and let the blow flow in your veins with gratitude. Increased blood circulation in your body while doing sun salutations will keep you warm and prepare for winters.

  • Chakravakasana

While sun salutations can do wonders to your body and make you ready to kickstart your day, a fiery session of chakravakasana or sunbird pose revitalizes your prana and warms up your body. Simply sit in a tabletop position and extend your right leg so that it’s parallel to the floor. Now extend your left arm forward as if you’re shaking hands with someone. Try maintaining this posture for a minute and feel the fire rising in your belly. This pose is an excellent way to bring mind-body balance to yourself and stay warm too.

  • Downward dog

If you’re running late for work and have no time to light the candles for a morning yoga session, then we recommend a fast and effective yoga pose that will keep you warm through the morning rush. Doing a relaxing yet energizing downward dog will stretch your legs that have grown stiff from the winter cold, warm up the blood in your joints and ease your body in the harsh wintertime. So don’t worry if you cannot dedicate yourself to a longer yoga session because a few downward dog variations are more than enough to ward off winter blues.

  • Utkatasana

It’s one of those yoga postures that wake you from your winter slumber in no time. Stand erect on your feet and gently form a squat position while keeping enough space between your legs. Raise your arms and stay in the pose for a minute. You’ll notice how your abdominal muscles work up the inner fire inside your body and ignite your morning freshness. So, go for utkatasana if you are running late for work but also feeling lazy to get out from your blankie.