Effective Ways Of Controlling Pigeons In Your Home

Birds are also an important creation of nature, but sometimes problems created by these birds can put you in serious trouble. Pigeons are also amongst those birds which make your place unhygienic to live. Let us talk about some solutions to get rid of pigeon problems.

Pigeon flocks have undergone a rapid increase in numbers and are dominant in the urban landscape, agriculture, and towns of the country because of the presence of the things mentioned below.

· Freshwater

· Food

· Safe breeding sites

Due to this, the rapid rise in pigeon count has taken place, mostly in the parts of Western Australia. This needs to get overcome before the issue leads to uncontrollable heights.

Facts about pigeons

1. They live a total life of between 3 to 4 years of living in the wild and almost 16 years when kept as a captive.

2. Pigeons are known to be monogamous, which means that a mating pair will give three to 4 broods a year consisting of 1 or 2 eggs each.

3. Eggs are white and solid in the state. They take almost 18 days to hatch.

4. The young pigeons leave the nest in 35 days almost.

5. Pigeons are unique as they do not carry out the migration. They leave the nest but still stay near their birthplace.

Problems and health risks caused by pigeons

1. Pigeons serve to be the site of attraction for ticks, rats, and cockroaches

2. Pigeon dropping is very acidic and corrosive. Pigeons are the source of building damage because their droppings are unhealthy for the building.

3. Pigeons are also the reason behind damage caused to the roof spaces, rolled steel joints, and inside factory units.

4. The debris from the roosting flocks piles up and causes the gutters and drains to get blocked, causing damage to roofs and other structures that lead to increased chances of potential fire hazards.

5.      Pigeons are not good for air conditioning units and other machinery installed on the rooftops

6. Pigeon droppings in or on the buildings lead to hygiene issues

7. Pigeon droppings are a source of various diseases

8. They increase the chances of parasite transmission among feral species, domestic species, and seabird species.

How to know if your property is going through pigeon problems

Factors that show that your property is going through pigeon problems

· 1 to 2 pigeons identified in the yards or property

· Many pigeon droppings on the ground or terrace of your property

How to control pigeon problems at your place

Lethal methods

As per the study, it has been concluded that lethal methods are long term procedures, and these have limitations within them. Thus using lethal methods for controlling pigeons at your place that is culling is not a smart way.


Trapping is a useful method to get rid of pigeon problems, but it is for a short time only. The number of birds that are trapped and killed during the trapping procedure, can be easily replaced as the birds are removed. For trapping to be fruitful, the food source must be properly removed from the site.

Non-lethal methods

Non-lethal methods do not consume a lot of time to show the results. Also, they benefit you for a longer period of time. That is why it is recommended to go with non-lethal methods to control pigeon problems at your place as it is most effective.

· Food reduction

Remove any food item or even leftovers from the affected area. Also, remove water sources from that place. Go through the items listed below and remove these items from the area where you find serious pigeon problems.

· Outdoor pet food bowls

· Bird baths

· Bird feeders

Maintain cleanliness

Make sure that you keep the area clean and tidy. Also, ensure the proper dumping of food leftovers to avoid pigeon problems. Also, keep one thing in your mind that the food spillage must be kept as minimum as possible.

Destroy the nesting sites

Pigeon nests are not too complicated; rather, they can be made by only a few hard twigs. Search for pigeon nests along the ledges of the building, around the bridge supports, in the air conditioning units, on window sills, etc. And destroy them properly.

Chemical methods to control pigeon problems

A few pest control services such as Rapid Pest Control use a painless narcotic agent known as Alpha- chloralose, which causes the birds to sleep as soon as ingested. This proves beneficial in controlling the pigeon problems from your place.

To wrap it up!

One can control pigeon problems using different techniques and methods. These methods are different from each other because of the differences in their results and variation in the time they take to show the output. Choose your preferred method today and hurry up to get rid of pigeons.