Effective way of tree protection-Tree Root Protection System

How to protect tree from damage —The effective tree protection system with HOENSOEY Cells can better help to distribute loading to reduce vertical stresses on the ground.

There are several problems that may cause negative effect to growth of trees. The near-surface tree roots often suffer from damage because of heavy traffic load on the ground surface. Besides, construction work done on the road surface may also do harm to soil environment through compaction. The effective tree protection system with HOENSOEY Cells can better help to distribute loading to reduce vertical stresses on the ground.

For the most part of tree roots, they exist just below the ground surface, nearly three meters. In this area, the tree is vulnerable. If trees are left unprotected, they couldn’t even survive under the unfriendly circumstance. According to the research, the most part of the tree roots are within the shallow surface of the ground (three feet of depth). During the construction on the road surface, there might be heavy vehicles and equipment, and it adds pressure on the soil and root area of trees. As a result, the excavation and compaction have negative effects on the structural integrity of the tree.

A qualified Tree Root Protection (TRP) system should be environmentally-friendly as well as comply with local and national standards and regulations.

What is the effective way to protect trees?

A tree root protection system with HOENSOEY Cells will best help trees to grow healthily. It protects the critical root zone from damage.

Why HOENSOEY Cells are helpful when dealing with tree root protection?

There are a lot of features that make HOENSOEY Cells the best choice.

Firstly, HOENSOEY Cells are connected together. It easily distributes high load on the road surface so that the root area will not be affected by the weight.

Secondly, the whole system promotes water infiltration. Each HOENSOEY Cell as the rainwater storage unit has a space to store stormwater for further irrigation purposes

Benefits of Tree Root Protection System:

  • Gives support for load-bearing
  • Reduces the pressure to road surface
  • Eliminates compaction of the soils
  • Provides nutrient and water to the root zone to promote growth
  • Promote gaseous exchange
  • Can be surfaced with any type of pavement construction including: porous asphalt, porous and standard block paving, loose or resin-bound gravel, grass or gravel pavers, concrete, standard asphalt, or tree bark and other soft materials depending upon the application.
  • No extra tools required during installments and no excavation
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios
  • Reduces site costs

HOENSOEY Cells are a new type of rainwater storage unit with ultra-high compression strength and unique Buckles. They are a core component of shallow surface water treatment systems. You can know it from the video.

The vertical loading is 80 tons/sqm.

The tree root protection system with HOENSOEY rainwater storage unit is a low impact development solution. It also brings great environmental benefits. Besides, it helps to distribute load of the road.

The system has a long history of solving heavy load support problems for roadways, road base support, parking lots, road shoulders, ports, trucking/intermodal terminals and railroads.

With the perfect system, trees will grow better.