Effective Tips to Initiate Digital Brand Building

Now more than ever, digital marketing is what a brand can do or break. With smartphones and tablets, it is likely that much of your target market is constantly connected to the digital world at your fingertips.

Because they are there in the digital sphere, it is up to your company to implement your brand in the digital world that unfolds before your eyes. Build a strong brand in the way you portray it on social networks, on your website, in blogs and in online advertisements.

What is branding?

There is a difference between a brand name and your brand. Your brand name is tangible and people can see it, while your brand, however, only exists in the minds of your customers, is what they think when they hear your name.

What is the difference between Branding and Marketing?

The most useful definition I found to distinguish the brand and marketing is this:

Marketing is what you do, brand is what you are

  • Marketing is more a push tactic, and the brand is more an attraction tactic.
  • Marketing promotes a product or service, while brand development gives meaning to why a business exists and communicates its core values.
  • We can say that marketing uses persuasion as a tactic, while brand creation is about developing an emotional connection.
  • These media channels are what will help to create an active and engaged community of online followers (who are or will become loyal followers and customers).
  • There are seemingly infinite ways to build a brand through digital marketing efforts, but some methods stand out above the rest.

Make your domain name search engine friendly

The domain name you choose for your brand must be memorable and relevant to your industry, but it will also generate strong results within search engines. Developing your brand in part means developing knowledge of your target market and increasing your exposure level. I am inspired by the brand name of Assignments Planet as the name itself a definition that they are offering assignment writing service for all subjects.

To make your brand’s website appear in Google search results, convert your domain name to one without hyphens (they can make your brand appear more generic and less like a brand) and one that includes a word or Words that belong to your brand, industry or what it offers, if possible.


Make sure your site is compatible with mobile devices



Today, if a smartphone user removes the website from their brand on their device and the format of the site is oblique and not made to work better on a desktop screen, their brand loses credibility instantly. Making websites, both for desktop computers and mobile devices, has become such a standard practice in web development and design that ignoring the need for site uniformity in the two access channels will cost you.


Involve your social media community



The social media accounts of your brand are definitely the places you want to establish and project the personality of your brand. With a distinctive brand personality, it will attract and maintain followers, and will attract users of social networks to interact with your brand online. Use the new Story and Live features to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look. Offer promotions and discount codes. Create and publish beautiful content that best shows the goods or services your business sells. Attract your followers and have them talk about your brand through what you share and the conversations you start.


Start a blog



Including a blog on your company’s website is a great way to show more who you are as a brand. By creating and publishing content, you can communicate what your brand considers important and interesting and on what topics you have experience. With a blog, you can also invite guest bloggers to develop and share content. Those who choose as guest bloggers will communicate even more to followers and readers what exactly your brand values ​​and wants to convey as their personality.

Although print media is still alive and can be useful, digital marketing is fast, it comes in many forms and has the potential to interact much more easily. Maximize your power to build a strong and recognizable brand for your business.


The importance of brand building in the digital era

As someone who never started as a traditional seller, but approached the industry from the digital side with SEO, I can definitely say that my biggest learning curve has been to understand the true concept and value of the brand, as well as the importance of the brand building through digital marketing.

The industry in which we operate advances at lightning speed: constantly evolving technologies, emerging social media platforms, viral videos, memes streams, algorithm updates, increased adoption of mobile devices, etc., which makes it easy forget about one of the few things that remains constant throughout the brand.

As we strive to exceed the limits of our marketing activities in this fast digital environment, we must ensure that we maintain the fundamentals of brand building for long-term success.

Branding in the digital age

Building a strong brand in the digital age is vital. Of course, the brand has always been vital, but when we consider the online environment and changes in user behaviors, we can see the clear benefits of the brand:


  • The brand is a tool to develop and maintain a competitive advantage. In the noisy world of digital media, staying competitive is even more a daily challenge.
  • Online users are more autonomous than ever. With information at your fingertips, users have many options in terms of products and services. A well-defined brand is essential to distinguish your product or service from the rest.
  • Brands have less control over what is said about them online. Users have access to the opinions of other users, which strongly influence their purchasing decisions.
  • The relationship with the online customer rarely ends with a sale. Brand development in the digital environment should take advantage of this and make unique customers loyal to the coveted brand.
  • Say goodbye to the funnel model. Today there are several points of contact where users interact with brands, however, the brand ensures a consolidated message.
  • In addition to paid media and its property, the strong digital brand has the advantage of won media, such as communities and brand advocates.
  • Remember that the brand is not just about your product or service.,  but about your social commitment, customer services, sales process, your employees and everything that is between them, think about how digital has changed all of the above.
  • The brand has always been about connectivity. Digital increases the connectivity of brands, people and things.


When we talk about integrated marketing: this includes the brand

We know that integrated marketing is the key to success in the digital environment.  There is simply no use in delivering your silos marketing strategy. A solid brand supports all channels, both directly and indirectly, so it is necessary to invest both time and resources in brand creation through digital marketing.


  • As I am, first and foremost, a faithful SEO believer, I can immediately see how a strong brand can influence SEO success. For example, we know that the click-through rate is a powerful ranking factor: if a brand is more recognizable, it’s likely to get more clicks.
  • Social commitment in the form of “likes”, actions and comments is an increasingly important classification factor. Because the brand is about developing an emotional connection, a strong brand has fans, followers, advocates and influential people who actively promote a brand.
  • Ask any RP and they will tell you that it is much easier to sell in news or content from a well-known brand, rather than a product with a slapped logo.
  • Therefore, to make the most of your integrated digital marketing, be sure not to ignore the importance of brand creation.


Define your brand and what it represents, think about what drives it and focus on how customers perceive your brand in every aspect of your business.


Lauren Henderson is a web content writer, and guest blogger, who offers unique and professional content writing services to online business entrepreneurs.