Effective Tips For Lighting To Reduce Stress

Did you know the lighting may influence your eye, mental health, well-being, and levels of productivity? For ergonomists, lighting is equally important in the design of office spaces as desk facilities.

The problem is that the office ergonomists did not design our homes. Our homes aren’t designed to facilitate computer work throughout the day, unlike office buildings.

This means that you can get caught in dark corners, have to deal with glare from windows in the living room, or squint on the left on papers as a table lamp, etc. So you have to improvise when it comes to working from home.

As we know, the new normal is asking us to make our homes our workplace; we have to be more cautious. For the modern workplace, ergonomics is crucial and here at Ergonomic Geeks you will learn about ergonomic sitting and about ergonomic chairs as well.

While the majority of companies and workers today learn more about the well-being of their businesses, lighting is a major component of an ergonomic workplace.

Ergonomic illumination is essential for the well-being of the workplace and plays a key role in preventing computer vision (CVS). Unfortunately, 60% of adults between 20 and 50 years of age suffered CVS symptoms, according to a 2014 survey. These symptoms are blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches.


These tips are designed to reduce stress and improve work quality. Let us look at the different office space lighting tips which you can apply in your home too.


It is essential to keep computer systems in the right position because you have to work from morning to evening. Computers should not be located near windows. Direct light affects the screen of your computer.

You cannot see all of the details clear from the glare on the computer screen. It puts a strain on the eyes to sit with windows at the front. The bright light of UV rays makes it very difficult to work on computers.

Keep your laptop or device away from windows, and this will enhance your productivity.


In reducing or increasing the strain on the eye, color contrast also plays an important role. For example, when you look at the objects in the front with a poor background color, your eyes become stressed.

Improving color contrast is one of the best means of enhancing light ergonomics on the computer screen. The color contrast between background and foreground must be correctly balanced.

The position of the monitor can also be adjusted to obtain the best results. For example, adjust the background luminosity to view the objects precisely in the foreground.


Long hours of work increase pain in your body and mind. Even your eyes are painful when you work a PC for several hours. Every few minutes you must therefore take short breaks to relax your eyes.

By taking short breaks, you must keep your eyes fresh. Pauses will improve the focus of your mind. In addition, if you have to finish these difficult projects, you will feel fresh.

You can go around the office area for a short walk. You can also hear a new and rejuvenated feel of your favorite music. In addition, some coffee or tea can be enjoyed.


There is a high temperature with some lighting, while some of it is cool. To increase productivity, you should perfectly tweak the light temperature in the workspace. Kelvin is measured by the light temperature (K).

The cool lights increase productivity, while relatively warm lights cause tiredness and sleepiness. Cool lights also make you feel fresh and raise your mood. They affect the brain to focus while carrying out important projects and tasks.

Cool lights in the workplace are therefore important to use.


Use light bulbs with adjustable brightness since the light can be reduced to the perfect atmosphere. Using an ergonomic desk lamp on your desk, you can also improve the luminosity of the same. However, make sure that it is marked as dimmable if you are using an LED bulb. Happy working!

Jennifer Alex

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