Effective Internet Presence For Your Small Business!

If you are not implementing internet marketing strategies for small businesses, it is important to understand the incredible power of influence you can have to attract more customers and have a constant flow of new leads.


The impact of internet marketing for small businesses can be huge compared to traditional marketing methods such as yellow page ads, newspapers, radio, and even television. As the Internet increasingly becomes a part of our daily lives with faster speeds and immediate access, like on local dudes marketing, it has become much easier and faster for consumers to search for information on the Internet than in a directory of Yellow Pages.

This is one of the main reasons why it is as important as a small business owner to run an internet marketing campaign.


Internet Marketing for Small Businesses: Your Website


The first step in creating an effective online marketing campaign is to have a website that is optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This is also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In layman’s terms, SEO is all about making your website appear in search engines when someone types in a specific keyword.


Some of the important elements of a well optimized website are:


Keyword research and selection: You can / should use tools like the Google Keyword Tool and Google Insights to help you determine which keywords are most frequently searched for related to your market


Keyword Placement – Once you’ve researched and selected the keywords to target, you’ll need to structure your website to include them in text, descriptions, and tags on your site


Reverse linking: these are inbound links that point to a web page on your site, either from pages in other domains or from other pages on your own site. Backlinks are like “votes” and the more backlinks you have will help your website appear higher in search engines.


Importance of internet marketing for your small business


There are many different ways to put your website / business in front of more people on the Internet and one method that is extremely powerful is through the use of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, articles and forums just to name a few.


You can create videos, articles, participate in conversations with consumers in your market, people are looking for information mainly on the Internet, in many cases they are looking for a solution to their problems regarding their market.


If you can provide solutions to your problems, you will gain trust and credibility as an expert in your field, and these people will come to your website to do business with you.


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