Effective Classroom Decorations for Student Productivity

Do the aesthetics of the classroom matter? You might be wondering if the way the student’s surroundings are decorated can affect their learning and productivity. When it comes to the classroom, the goal is to make it happy yet educational. It’s important to take note of these environmental factors because a classroom is where they spend most of their school day. International schools in the Philippines make certain that these factors matter. These are some examples of effective classroom decorations that increase the student’s productivity. 

Display The Students Work

One effective decoration for classrooms is the student’s very own work. This can enhance productivity because they gain a broader sense of responsibility for their projects. This can also make them feel like their work is being valued and appreciated. It instills a sense of accomplishment in them and encourages them to take pride in their efforts. This will gradually increase their confidence, and it will make them feel more motivated to perform what is needed. 

Feature Inspiring Role Models

Everyone has someone they look up to. People that have made a difference in education like heroes, leaders, scientists, and teachers are good ideas for people to feature in classroom decorations by including stories, pictures, and quotes from them. This helps them gain a greater sense of belonging and drive them to work harder to achieve their daily goals. This method encourages them to figure out what kind of person they aspire to be or input new ideas on what they could do. 

Visual Aids 

Visual aids help store information longer, aid better comprehension, and make communication easier. Images are the simplest way to store long-term memory. It is essential to put up decorations that relate to what students are learning or what they should be educated on. Instead of putting unrelated and random visuals, making use of visual aid is a better option. Examples of visual aids to put up in classrooms are infographics, creative lesson presentations, educational charts to make data accessible and classroom checklists. 


Vocabulary is the first step to language acquisition. To exercise and broaden the student’s language, wordplay and vocabulary decorations are an excellent option. This can help develop a student’s communication, reading, writing, and comprehension. Wordplay and vocabulary decorations can consist of printed rhymes, new words to discover, and words that they can even act out. Like emotions, sounds, and animals. 

Inspirational Quotes

Words of motivation trigger something emotional in anyone upon reading. By putting up some inspirational quotes around the classroom, can offer up encouragement or a starting point to students. Relatable quotes for every day use in the classroom will be able to provide a different and better angle on a subject. Reading quotes also help you with your actions. So if they are reading about discipline, they are most likely to be motivated to practice it. 

Mail Box Corner

Besides reading and learning, students are also taught to socialize and make meaningful connections in school. To add a more personal touch on your walls, establishing a mail corner helps with conveying their emotions. This paves the way for students to communicate and express their feelings towards one another. They may want to give each other words of affirmation or just a simple message. This way, students having shy personalities will be able to get that extra boost of confidence in starting a conversation.

Themed Decorations 

Themed decorations will give the students a chance to become more familiar a specific topic. Children love fun themes like nature, Christmas, animals, marine life, and the solar system. Themed classrooms allow them to express their understanding on a certain topic. Gathering students to decorate the classroom is also a way to establish unity in the class. Assign a place of the classroom to get creative and design anything related to the theme of the classroom. 

Classroom Rules and Reminders

One of the things students learn in school is the value of discipline. Incorporating these rules in decorations and printing words like listening to the teacher, saying please and thank you, respecting one another will be a reminder for them to keep doing those acts. You can even get creative and put up reminders of their homework and scheduled projects. This helps teach them structure, consistency, and cooperation.

Key Takeaway

Classroom decorations can be varied. These displays transform the environment into something fun and also effective. They should be engaging, informative, and educational. Avoid displaying unnecessary decorations for this can cause distraction. International schools in the Philippines make sure that every time a student looks at the four walls of the classroom, there will consistently be a sense of motivation and productivity.