Effective and precisive bookkeeping & taxing has made Eddy Aladin a top tax accountant

Eddy Aladin’s firm DoorTax has been responsible for digitization in the accounting world, and his 11 years of hard work in the industry have reaped him astounding rewards.

The world of finance and accounts needs precision and patience; any wrong entry may affect a business’s profitability and accountability severely. With the world going digital, now there is no scope of neglecting the errors, everything can be rectified with precision, in the digital space. The accounting world, too, has adjusted as per the new ways of accounting and tried to maintain the books of accounts of companies, with effective bookkeeping. In the last few years, an accountant has risen to the top, with his effective bookkeeping, and exemplary knowledge of the finance, accounts, and law sectors, he is Eddy Aladin.

Eddy Aladin is an accomplished and reputed name in the finance and accounting world. In his teenage, Eddy was introduced to the world of accounting, which he instantly liked, the feeling of matching the books of accounts of a firm gave him uncorrupted happiness, and that is what he strived to achieve. Eddy was born and raised in Port – au Prince, Haiti, and has his base currently in Florida, the US. He got a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and finance. Eddy’s knowledge about the field grew more as he looked to take his learnings to another level. He attained expertise in taxation, banking, foreign investments, patent & trademark, labor law, corporate law, criminal and administrative law, and corporate finance.

The talented mind of Eddy worked hard in precisely tallying his clients’ books of accounts, and his effective knowledge about the tax and corporate law made him emerge as a big name in the industry. Eddy Aladin works as an internal auditor, controller, chief finance & accountant in Haiti. With study, practice, and time, Eddy became an excellent bookkeeper and tax preparer. He also is brilliant in handling Microsoft Office Suite and has been responsible for a digital change in the workings of his accounts managing. To suit the digital businesses, Eddy pioneered a software program, which was centered on effective bookkeeping and tax management, through the usage of a mobile app.

His astute expertise in accounting, finance, budgeting, cost control principles, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and cost accounting, added with his advanced knowledge of payroll, best practices, laws, regional/national regulations garnered him an elite list of clientele.

His persuasive and calming communicative skills hit the right notes with the IRS agents. He came up with innovative finance strategies for his clients, in addition to managing their income tax returns, and filings. Eddy has an experience of 11 years in the industry and is now the founder and CEO of firms, IslandMundo, DoorTax, and Tax Aladin.

Eddy Aladin’s precision in bookkeeping and effective know-how about the law and taxes has made him emerge as a top tax accountant.