30 Sept 2020, Austin, TX – As a growing young enterprise with extensive education expertise, Edvantic is now expanding into the credentialing space. For industry watchers, this will come as no surprise. With their core education capabilities and alliance with CredForce, the global credentialing powerhouse, Edvantic was already close to the industry which they are now expanding into. Edvantic expects its new credentialing business to add several new segments of enterprise and institutional clients, as well as providing it the resources to add new value to its existing clients of other education services.

Edvantic’s credentialing portfolio will now include a wide range of business and supply-chain services designed for global certification agencies, accreditation bodies, and large global organizations having their own internal employee certification mechanisms.

Though still a slight niche industry, credentialing is well-massed now, being the driving force behind the next generation of education, training, and capacity building worldwide. Credentialing is steadily getting stronger and more robust with the demand for certifications rising among employers and professionals. This has compounded with the emergence of new industries and employee functions that require new sets of skills and knowledge bases backed by neutral, independent mechanisms of competence validation.

Edvantic’s assimilation of CredForce into its fold provides not only synergy but a robust, ready-to-deliver internal ecosystem that will allow Edvantic to rapidly position itself as an integrated credentialing service provider for top-tier certification bodies. This move brings with it many large global clients as well. “We are excited to be adding such advanced credentialing services to our portfolio,” said Randy Decko, Global Head of Education Services for Edvantic. “This new chapter will allow us to increase the value and quality of education we can bring to people around the world, so it’s very good.”

For its client certification bodies, Edvantic will now manage all front and back-end business operations including logistics, customer experience management, publishing, testing, billing, and invoicing.

About Edvantic:

Edvantic offers high-end education solutions to professionals and organizations globally. This includes education management, professional education, employability development, education product development solutions, and more. The Edvantic ecosystem extends across the world and is powered by the latest technologies, business processes and systems.

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