Educational Technology’s 5 Key Companies Enhancing College Student Career Success

by Jason Martin (Cal-Berkeley Student)

Educational Technology is continuously evolving and even more so since the Covid-19 pandemic.  Though EdTech has spun its web in various direction with the educational community, within the college student success area 5 influential EdTech companies have emerged.  These companies are garnering considerable attention in the venture capital community but are also providing significant opportunities, as it relates to the five core components of EdTech, to ensure college learning and the connecting of college learning to future employment a viable path for students.  All 5 companies hit on multiple components of educational technology and are certainly worth a look!

What is EdTech?

EdTech, short for education technology, refers to new technological implementations in the onsite or virtual classroom.

What are the five components of educational technology?

Design, development, utilization, management and evaluation are the five basic domains of the field.


1.Portfolium showcases digital work samples of millions of students, proving plus matching their skills to the requirements of top employers. Visit Portfolium

Founder: Adam Markowitz; Royce Rowan; Daniel Marashlian

Portfolium Alexa Rank


2. Riipen brings industry and academia together, with real company projects that are facilitated by instructors and embedded directly into curriculum. Visit Riipen

Founder: Dana Stephensen; Dave Savory

Riipen Alexa Rank


3. CertificationPoint is an educational technology-based online eMarketplace providing work experience builders in a collaborative for college students to assist in career progression via project-based learning on real-world projects. Visit Certificationpoint

Founder: Byron Giles

CertificationPoint Alexa Rank


4. ParkerDewey provides micro-internships to complement your existing processes to help you hire the right candidates. Visit ParkerDewey

Founder: Jeffrey Moss

ParkeyDewey Alexa Rank


5. Handshake is democratizing opportunity and ensuring college students have the support they need to find a great job and kick-off a meaningful career regardless of where they go to school, what they choose as a major, and who they know. Visit Handshake

Founder: Garrett Lord; Scott Ringwelski; Ben Christensen

Handshake Alexa Rank 


What is the aim of EdTech?

The aim of Edtech is to improve education.  Through technology, we seek to improve teaching and learning processes and therefore improve the performance of the education system.

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