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Although it is optional to take driver training before applying for a driver’s license, it is strongly recommended to take driving courses from a Ministry of Transportation approved driving school in Edmonton.

Driving courses are designed to meet the basic needs of the student. It covers training to overcome nervousness and develop patience when getting behind the wheel. The courses are structured in a safe operating procedure and meet state standards. We recommend joining NaveenDriving School, one of the best driving schools in Edmonton, approved by the Alberta Government Department of Transportation.

Why driving schools?

There are many benefits for anyone who is willing to process a driver’s license. Some of them are mentioned here.

Reduction of insurance rates – please contact your local insurance agent to request a quote. Depending on the insurance company, the cost of the car could be reduced with a driver training certificate.

Increased confidence level: the student who spends hours behind the wheel will definitely develop driving experience and confidence.

Awareness: the right set of driving instructions and education with the rules of the road traffic with the right techniques develops a safe and effective driving in any situation. This will avoid developing bad driving habits in the future and decrease the risk of having an accident.

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