Edmond Masjedi- A Man Of Inspiration With A Story Of Success

Success does not come overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, persistence, and patience. Edmond Masjedi is a business entrepreneur who achieved success through all these qualities. If you are looking forward to some inspiration, then Edmond Masjedi is the man. All the people who are afraid to step out into the world of business can learn a lot from his story. Edmond Masjedi is a man who can turn anything he touches into gold. Every business he ventured became successful. So, what is the motivational story of Edmond Masjedi?

How He Entered In The Business Industry

Edmond Masjedi entered the business industry when he decided to study business and corporate communications at UCLA. After completing his graduation, Edmond Masjedi, the man of hard work, started working with IPPC and started a journey of success. He ensured that the plastic intrusion industry secured a 50% share of drinking straws in the market. A remarkable personality and a great mind combined began climbing the stairs of success. He believes anything is possible with skills and commitment.


Business is not easy. It involves risks and making decisions that might sound impossible. However, nothing is impossible for inspirational Edmond Masjedi. Who could think of mixing alcohol with ice cream? Edmond Masjedi today owns SnoBar, which sells alcohol-infused ice cream in Los Angeles. According to the business emperor, thinking out of the box and testing your potential is necessary to realize your expertise. Edmund changed fields and companies before he found his calling. He is a businessman who is not afraid of trying out new things. Edmond Masjedi invested in real estate, worked in the clothing industry, and many more arenas that evoked interest in him.

Right Business Strategies

The right business strategies and smart thinking can make you successful like Edmond Masjedi. It is most important to have curiosity, the will to work hard, and love what you do to gain success.


Eddie Masjedi, one of the well-known and dedicated entrepreneurs in the business industry across the world, has tried his hands in different kinds of businesses and only achieved success because of his hard work, commitment, unbeatable efforts and power of thinking in a unique and smart way in every field.