EDISON AI FDT LIMITED, Pioneering Global Financial Technological and Creative Layout

London, July 2023 News – The groundbreaking charitable organization, EDISON AI FDT LIMITED, has achieved a transformative milestone in its journey of innovation and global influence. Since its establishment in 2010, the foundation has amassed a rich history and has now formally evolved into a business entity under the name EDISON AI FDT LIMITED, with registration number 14992777. This evolution represents a strategic initiative aimed at meeting compliance standards and expanding its pioneering efforts in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and innovative technology.

EDISON AI FDT LIMITED, originally a modest charitable endeavor, initially demonstrated an international humanitarian spirit through initiatives such as elderly welfare in Europe and earthquake relief in Turkey. Today, it has evolved into a global force, uniting visionary enthusiasts, researchers, technical experts, and passionate individuals worldwide who are fervently committed to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement and effecting positive change.

Over the years, the foundation’s contributions have spanned various domains, ranging from technology-driven philanthropic endeavors to supporting critically important global technological initiatives.EDISON AI FDT LIMITED.

Highlights of EDISON AI FDT LIMITED are as follows:

Global Impact: Core members of EDISON AI FDT LIMITED, including experts from the Edison Laboratory in the UK, astronomers from astrophysics laboratories, IT enthusiasts from Europe and America, retired politicians, finance professionals, and AI quantitative analysts, collaboratively drive decentralized activities, blockchain initiatives, AI meetups, and charitable endeavors in underserved regions.

Humanitarian Initiatives: EDISON AI FDT LIMITED’s commitment to social causes across continents is evident in activities like the ” Non-discriminatory Immigrant Support Activities” initiative in Italy, advocating for social rights, and the “No Football, No Freedom” movement during the African Nations Cup, promoting local youth football and technological innovation.

Technological Milestones: The foundation’s support for breakthrough innovations in the field of AI, such as “DropConnect,” contributes to significantly reducing error rates. It also provides drone search and rescue technology for international relief efforts, showcasing the foundation’s dedication to technological advancement and societal well-being.

International Collaborative Synergy: Over the past two years, EDISON AI FDT LIMITED’s collaboration with Wall Street’s leading quantitative hedge fund, Two Sigma, demonstrates the foundation’s strength in integrating blockchain and AI intelligent quantification, offering promising prospects for the future.

Innovative Technological Pathway: With over a decade of development, the transformation into EDISON AI FDT LIMITED commercializes and solidifies the foundation’s commitment to compliance and innovation. The launch of the Edison AI Wealth Hub and the complete ecosystem will revolutionize the intersections of cryptographic technology, smart contracts, and AI intelligence, setting new directions for global development and exceptional operations.

Edison AI Wealth Hub and Complete Ecosystem: Built on AI intelligence, big data, and blockchain technology, the Edison AI Wealth Hub focuses on novel, open-source, and decentralized AI innovation. Supported by the EDISON AI F.D.T LIMITED UK Foundation, AI large model databases, AI supercomputers, and massive data TPS form a seamless intelligent operational code, enabling fair, secure, efficient, and swift AI quantification. Next, Edison AI intelligent quantification, Edison AI Wealth Hub, Edison blockchain finance, Web3, RWA, Edison digital securities, Edison digital banking, Edison digital options, Edison digital trusts, Edison digital forex, Edison digital funds, and Edison digital insurance will break new ground, creating an extraordinary digital financial ecosystem.

Rooted in charitable and innovative history, EDISON AI FDT LIMITED aims to transcend the boundaries of blockchain, AI intelligence, financial intelligent quantification, and technology-driven solutions. Guided by core values, this entity seeks to create lasting impact through transformational initiatives, partnerships, and forward-thinking approaches. Reflecting on the evolution of EDISON AI F.D.T LIMITED over the past 13 years, the EDISON Foundation upholds the core values of “Excellence, Innovation, Care, and Win-Win,” continuing to lead its path forward. With unwavering commitment to these values, EDISON AI FDT LIMITED will redefine the landscape of finance and technology, driven by the belief in the equal value of every life, dedicated to helping all live healthy, productive lives, and leaving an indelible mark on a rapidly changing world.