Ecowarm Heater UK Review 2022 — ⚠️SCAM EXPOSED⚠️

Ecowarm Heater is a popular heater in  UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That’s why we decided to test this groundbreaking little fan heater in this article on the Ecowarm Heater.

  • Product: -Ecowarm Heater
  • Used in: -Winter
  • Low power consumption
  • Rating: -Overall Rating: –  4.9 stars out of 5
  • Available Country: -UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
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Ecowarm Heater test and experiences (UK)

Ecowarm Heater UK autumn has been very cool and weather experts predict temperatures will continue to drop. Temperatures will be below average nationwide, weather experts say. The need for central heating is increasing because nobody wants to freeze to death this winter. With the increasing demand, the prices for central heating have also increased. The terrible news may have already reached you. This winter, heating bills are likely to increase by 45%. This could result in unexpected expenses of up to thousands of dollars.

Fake or Real?

Ecowarm Heater is legit, it is not a fake shop.

Ecowarm Heater with 50% order (Directly from the manufacturer)

Ecowarm Heater experience

Ecowarm Heater Review: Some people live in houses without central heating. Since you don’t have to pay high heating bills at the end of the month, these apartments are usually easier to maintain and cheaper to finance. The strategies you used to keep warm in previous winters may not work now that temperatures have dropped this time of year. Instead of freezing to death, you might be tempted to use the extra money to install central heating. What if you knew a smarter solution? What if there was a way to keep warm while lowering your heating bills?

The worst thing about central heating is that some central heating systems are ineffective, despite the high costs associated with running central heating this winter as prices continue to rise. Even though you turn the heater up to the highest setting, you can’t raise the temperature even a few degrees. Even without heat, you have a high electricity bill to pay at the end of the month.

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That’s why we decided to review the Ecowarm Heater, a popular portable heater. The Ecowarm Heater specs can help you feel warm and cozy this winter without a big expense. This heater is an excellent replacement for central heating and can also be used in conjunction with it. This way you can take warmth and comfort with you wherever you go. No matter where you are in your home or office, you can keep warm and cozy.

Further on in this review, you will find all the details about the features, advantages and disadvantages of this portable heater.

Ecowarm Heater Test UK and technical data

The robust portable heater named “Ecowarm Heater” puts an end to the freezing cold in your home. The portable heater is very effective, quickly raising the temperature in any room you are in from below average cold to comfortable levels. Most customers are amazed by the effectiveness of this portable heater, so you will be too. It’s amazing how this tiny, portable device can heat up an entire room once it’s plugged in and turned on. With temperatures falling across the country and central heating prices rising, the Ecowarm Heater gives you a competitive advantage.

The mobility of the Ecowarm Heater is one of its outstanding features. Because of its small size and light weight, you can take it anywhere. It can be used anywhere there is an outlet as it plugs into any outlet.

The Ecowarm Heater can be placed next to your bed so you can benefit from the warm air while you sleep. Have him by your side while you read a book or play online multiplayer video games with friends. Since it is very cold outside and central heating in most houses does not cover the garage, you can use the Ecowarm Heater to work on your car or just relax there, which is not normally possible.

Wherever you are, the Ecowarm Heater constantly pumps out a stream of hot air to keep you comfortable. The Ecowarm Heater keeps you comfortable whether you are at home, at work or at the gym.

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It is not recommended to plug the device into an extension cord or any other type of floor socket as it is designed to be plugged into a wall socket. This makes the product safer and helps prevent accidental burns, electric shocks and deflagration. If the fan heater is plugged into a floor socket, there is a risk of someone tripping over it or accidentally spilling water or other flammable liquid inside the fan heater, which could have adverse effects. The manufacturers therefore strongly advise finding an outlet to which the heater can be connected.

The running costs of the Ecowarm Heater are far lower than central heating, which is another plus. The cost of buying a heater is quite cheap, and it only costs a few dollars to run it for a month, which is a very small fraction of the money one would normally spend on central heating.

Depending on the temperature, you can turn up the Ecowarm Heater as much as you want without increasing your expenses. This is not possible with central heating, because as the temperature rises, so does the monthly payment.


With 800 watts of heat output, the Ecowarm Heater heats up your room. That’s an incredible heat output for a heater of this size. In just minutes, the Ecowarm Heater can begin saturating your room with hot, steamy air. In contrast, central heating can take up to 30 minutes to warm up your house. When you come home from work, thanks to the Ecowarm Heater, you can immediately enjoy a warm atmosphere. It only takes a few minutes to turn it on, choose your preferred temperature setting and enjoy the hot air.

To ensure your safety, the Ecowarm Heater has undergone ETL safety testing. A product that has received full ETL certification meets or exceeds the most stringent safety criteria. You may have heard of certain heaters that have a tendency to overheat, ignite, or cause severe electric shock and burns. This fan heater is definitely not one of them.

We put this heater to the test and found that it also had an auto shut off feature. In the event that you or your family forget the fan heater and leave the house, the auto shut-off function is a safety measure that turns off the unit after a period of time. The design of the heater shows that the safety of your family is one of the manufacturer’s top priorities. They have every reason to be happy with themselves because they have created a portable heater that is 100% safe for you and your family to use.

The safety feature of the Ecowarm Heater is that it does not require any cables. There are no messy, tangled cords that could pose a major hazard to an unwary bystander as it plugs straight into an outlet and stays there. There are currently some cords that connect some of the traditional portable heaters to the outlet. It’s easy to understand that cables can be a serious hazard. The Ecowarm Heater successfully eliminates this concern and guarantees a completely risk-free heating experience.

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Key Features: Ecowarm Heater Ratings, Power Consumption and Specifications

  • – Quiet operation: The Ecowarm Heater works very quietly. This is in stark contrast to the slight hum and vibration of some portable heaters and central heating. But you can rest assured that the Ecowarm Heater will keep the room warm while being quiet.
  • Now that the hum of a heater is no longer disturbing the room, you can concentrate on your work, study or meditation. In addition, you can sleep peacefully without being frequently awakened by noise. Thanks to the quiet operation, it’s easy to forget you have a Ecowarm Heater plugged in somewhere in your room.
  • – Rotates 270 degrees: The design of the Ecowarm Heater allows you to rotate the portable heater 270 degrees after plugging it in. This allows you to continue using the other outlets on the outlet it is plugged into. Some wall mounted units, like this heater, take up a lot of space when plugged into an outlet.
  • The designers of the device recognized this problem and incorporated the solution into their design. You no longer have to move all your other devices just to use your heating. Everything can be plugged into the same socket at the same time.
  • – No unsightly cables: The Ecowarm Heater works wirelessly. The heater is cordless and is immediately plugged into the socket. The aesthetics of your space will be enhanced with this wireless feature. Anyone entering the room where you are using the Ecowarm Heater will not see the heater, apart from the incredibly warm environment it creates.
  • With no long, sticky cables, the Ecowarm Heater can simply sit unnoticed in a corner of your room without causing any visible annoyance. Since there are no dangling wires that you or your children could trip over and suffer serious accidents such as B. physical injury, electric shock or – even worse – starting a fire, the wireless function further increases the safety of this device.
  • – Built-in Timer: The Hulk Warmer has a built-in timer that lets you set how long you want the heater to run. Depending on how long you want to stay in the room, you can set the operating time to one hour or ten hours. You set it for two or three hours, even though you may only be in the room for a short time.
  • Or set it to run for eight hours as you get ready for bed. Now you can decide for yourself how long you want to heat your room. The heater will turn itself off when the time you set in the built-in timer has elapsed.
  • – Digital LED thermostat: Depending on your environment and heating needs, you can set a specific temperature at which you want the heater to run. You may only need to make a slight temperature adjustment to reach the lowest setting.
  • However, you may want to turn the temperature all the way up because you are unusually cold or because it is getting colder than usual outside. The Ecowarm Heater’s temperature range is between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. At the time of writing this review, this feature was relatively uncommon among portable heaters on the market.
  • Dieser Thermostat ist in der digitalen LED-Ausführung erhältlich. Bei dieser Ausführung zeigt ein LED-Bildschirm die genaue Temperatur an, auf die Sie das Heizgerät eingestellt haben. Dies steht im Gegensatz zu den Konkurrenten des Ecowarm Heater, die über einen Knopf oder ein drehbares Thermostat verfügen, mit dem die Temperatur nur erhöht oder gesenkt werden kann, ohne dass die genaue Einstellung des Geräts angezeigt wird.
  • – Schnelles Aufheizen: Im Gegensatz zu langsamen Zentralheizungen kann der Ecowarm Heater Ihren Raum in nur zehn Minuten aufheizen. So müssen Sie nicht mehr eine Stunde warten, bis die Zentralheizung anspringt, wenn Sie von der Arbeit nach Hause kommen und weiter frieren. Schließen Sie den Ecowarm Heater einfach an, schalten Sie ihn ein, wählen Sie die gewünschte Einstellung und stellen Sie einen 10-Minuten-Timer ein, um in den Genuss kochend heißer Luft zu kommen.
  • – Fernsteuerung: Der Ecowarm Heater wird mit einer Fernbedienung geliefert, die die Bedienung und Steuerung erleichtert. Egal, wo Sie sich in einem Umkreis von 10 Metern vom Heizgerät befinden, Sie können die Einstellungen mit dieser kleinen Fernbedienung ganz einfach an Ihre Wünsche anpassen. Die Fernbedienung ist batteriebetrieben und erfordert keine Bedienungsanleitung.
  • Low energy consumption

Ecowarm Heater with 50% order (Directly from the manufacturer)

Central heating compared to the Ecowarm Heater (German reviews)

One of the best parts of this review is comparing the Ecowarm Heater to national central heating systems. Trying to heat your entire house or apartment with central heating can take hours. In the meantime, you can quickly heat up the room you are in with the Ecowarm Heater. No need to wait hours in the cold for your central heating to come on.

Despite different heating needs, central heating forces everyone in a home to use the same temperature settings. While someone else in the same house finds the temperature just right, you might not want it to be that hot or cold. By allowing everyone to set their own portable heater to the ideal temperature in their different rooms, the Ecowarm Heater eliminates these concerns. Instead, the Ecowarm Heater heats the room you are in and you can adjust the temperature to your liking.

It goes without saying that using the Ecowarm Heater to heat a single room or a few rooms is far more cost effective than trying to heat the entire house. You can use the extra money to meet another need so you don’t have to worry about high utility bills at the end of the month.

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Using the Ecowarm Heater

How to use the Ecowarm Heater

The Ecowarm Heater is quite easy to use. Using the Ecowarm Heater is done in three easy steps.

  1. Simply plug the Ecowarm Heater into a three-pronged outlet.
  2. Set the power switch to ON.
  3. Set the thermostat to any temperature between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit using the buttons on the top.

Pros: Ecowarm Heater reviews

  • 800 watts strong and effective power.
  • Rapid heating innovation
  • Modern ceramic technology
  • Timer and automatic switch-off
  • Silent operation
  • Fits in every socket
  • A 270° rotatable socket plug allows access to other sockets.
  • Fast 3 second heat up time
  • It is portable and practical.
  • Intelligent on and off.
  • Remote control
  • Ecowarm Heater power consumption ratings
  • It is only available online from the official website.
  • It is ineffective in large rooms and corridors. It is suitable for both larger and smaller rooms.
  • It is ineffective in open spaces.
  • Depending on your heating needs, you may need to purchase multiple heaters to keep every room in your home warm.
  • The manufacturers no longer have the device in stock because it is sold out. To avoid having to wait for a replenishment when stocks run out, it is advisable to order the goods as soon as possible.

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Price of Ecowarm Heater

  • Buy 1 Ecowarm Heater @ $59.18
  • Buy 2 Ecowarm Heaters @ $98.76
  • Buy 3 Ecowarm Heaters @ $138.19

There is up to a 50% discount on these offers and prices are subject to change at any time.

Where to buy Ecowarm Heater

If you’re interested in buying Ecowarm Heater Power Consumption, you should buy directly from the official website. Ordering is simple, uncomplicated and completed in just a few minutes. Purchasing through the official website offers the flexibility of a wide range of payment options including but not limited to PayPal and credit cards.

Another benefit of buying from the manufacturer’s website is the ability to return the product and get your money back if you don’t like the product. The refund will be made using the same payment method that you used when ordering.

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There are also various discount campaigns that run over a certain period of time. Manufacturers are currently offering up to a 50% discount on all purchased heaters for a limited time. If you buy more than one heater there are additional discounts so you can end up buying each individual heater cheaper than buying them individually.

Also, consider the prospect of fast shipping if you order directly from the official website. Depending on your location, it takes between 1-3 working days for the product to reach you. Due to challenges related to COVID-19, it may take a little longer than normal to receive your order. Your order is delivered but may be delivered later due to local and global restrictions, but you will receive your product within 14 working days.

Refund policy

The Ecowarm Heater returns policy is 30 days from the date you received your purchase. If more than 30 days have passed since the delivery of your purchase, you will not receive a refund, exchange or credit of the purchase price.

To ensure your return is processed quickly, you should verify the return facility address with Customer Service and provide them with the tracking number. Once your return has been received and inspected, you will receive an email notifying you that the returned item has been received.

The return will be processed within 30 days of the item being received at the returns facility. Once the return has been processed, you will be notified of the approval or rejection of the return. Approved returns may be refunded or exchanged. Approved refunds will be issued to the same payment method used to place the order.

Ecowarm Heater with 50% order (Directly from the manufacturer)

Ecowarm Heater reviews and testimonials

Stephen A. of Sacramento, CA says, “Man, I love this little heater! Central heating is good, but they can be very expensive and aren’t nearly as versatile as the Ecowarm Heater. I bring the Ecowarm Heater to the garage, so I can do my woodwork without freezing. The Ecowarm Heater is also great for other spaces that can’t be heated, like our attic.”

Denny K. from Los, Angeles, CA says: “Thank God there is Ecowarm Heater! The heating in my apartment was barely working and I was freezing my butt off! Now I have the Ecowarm Heater, and whenever it is When it gets cold, I just stick the Ecowarm Heater in the wall. It’s amazing how quickly it can heat up a room!”

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Sarah H. of Tacoma, WA says, “Where has this little heater been all my life? I adjust our central heating to keep the rest of the house livable, but I take the Ecowarm Heater into every room I have It allows me to stay perfectly warm without skyrocketing our heating bill!Whether I’m surfing online in my home office or watching TV in the living room, the Ecowarm Heater goes with me everywhere.

Sam P. of Portland, OR says, “What a relief to have the Ecowarm Heater! The closest heater in my apartment is down the hall and the heat would take forever to reach my bedroom. With the Ecowarm Heater I can feel the soothing warmth within 10 minutes.”

Jenny K. of Boise, ID says, “I love how warm and toasty the Ecowarm Heater keeps me. The hot air goes out in seconds and it only takes 10 minutes to heat the whole room. Oh, and my utility bills have come down drastically since purchasing the Ecowarm Heater. Using it instead of my central heating has already saved me hundreds of dollars!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ecowarm Heater Reviews

Where should I connect it?

The Ecowarm Heater is intended for use in a wall outlet only. Plug the device directly into a grounded, three-prong outlet to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock. DO NOT use with an extension cord. Please read all important safety precautions before use.

What is the heating output?

Ecowarm Heater heats up to 25 square meters.

Can I use an extension cord with this heater?

No, never use an extension cord or a sliding outlet (socket/power strip). Always plug heaters directly into a wall outlet.

Can I connect my heater to a timer or power strip?

No, we do not recommend plugging the heaters into an outlet other than the wall outlet.

Can it be used both indoors and outdoors?

Ecowarm Heater is for indoor use only.

What is the nominal voltage?

The nominal voltage is a maximum of 220 volts.

What is the power consumption?

The power consumption is 800 watts.

how to clean it

To clean the Ecowarm Heater, first make sure the unit is turned off and unplugged from the outlet. Then wipe the outside with a non-abrasive damp cloth. Use a mild soap if needed. Dry it off with a soft cloth. Make sure the device is completely dry before next use.

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Is this heater safe around children and pets?

Yes, the Ecowarm Heater is safe around children and pets, but like any other device, it should be used with caution. The Ecowarm Heater feels cool thanks to its stay-cool body, but it generates heat and is an electrical device. It should not be left in operation unattended.

power consumption

The Ecowarm Heater is energy efficient. Compared to other heating alternatives, it consumes little electricity and only costs a few cents a day to run.

Ecowarm Heater with 50% order (Directly from the manufacturer)

Ecowarm Heater reviews

Unlike traditional heating systems that are installed in one place, the Ecowarm Heater is compact and portable, giving you, the consumer, more freedom to move it around and use it as you please. Simply set the Ecowarm Heater’s thermostat to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is as warm as a hot summer day! As the weather gets cooler, you need a heater you can count on to provide warmth day after day. You can count on Ecowarm Heater to give you the warmth you need when it gets cold everywhere.

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