Ecommerce Website Video Tips

Most eCommerce enterprises understand the vital importance of video marketing today, and the extent to which it really cannot be neglected. Video marketing, when done well, is a lead generation service par excellence and is the most effective way of drawing users to your eCommerce site and garnering followers on social media sites.

However, video marketing for eCommerce is a diverse field and there are different types of eCommerce marketing videos. There is a lot of diversity here, but the two most fundamental categories are the videos you spread far and wide and the videos that are hosted on your site itself. Here we will focus on the latter.

Azola Creative, experts in lead generation website design, recommend that you take a distinct approach when making a video that is actually going to appear on your site (as opposed to being disseminated far and wide). Videos spread on social media and elsewhere on the internet are for drawing traffic to your site; videos on your site serve a different purpose. That said, the eternal marketing tips about fostering brand identification and showing off products still certainly apply.

What Makes for A Good Ecommerce Website Video

When you make a video to appear on your site, the thing to bear in mind is that potential customers are already there.Moreover, the video will probably be watched by many people who have already bought from you and know your brand and products well. This means that you can take a slightly different focus and concentrate on the type of materialthat educates your customers about your products.

Customer education is especially important for ecommerce success, and it is all about showing your customers what your products can do and how to use them to their fullest. Accordingly, good ecommerce website videos should be things such as how-to’s, tutorials, or content that educates about your brand, such as behind the scenes videos of your products being made or daily working life at your company. The point of all of this is not so much to attract customers, but to retain them.

Thisis not to say that you cannot introduce things in your videos. If you bring out new products, you can foster a sense of continuity and the most positive kind of brand identification. The template here is:“if you liked our [product] then you will love our new [product]. Of course, you can do this in a such a way that is not quite as clichéd as that, and gradually build up the sense that your company is one that can be trusted for quality, and that each new product will be as good as the last.

As a final point here, it is also worth mentioning that videos which appear on your site can be distributed off the site too. The videos you choose for this, however, should be ones that new customers or people who have never heard of your brand before can appreciate too. In this way, your onsite videos can serve a double purpose: reinforcing positive brand identification amongyour existing customers, as well as attracting new ones.


Video marketing has never been easier to engage in, and even videos which only appear on your site count as a form of marketing. The main take-away here is that the customers you have already attracted have not been automatically secured.You need to continually impress them with the quality of your business, keep them coming back, and encourage them to spread the word about a brand that is, ultimately, well worth sticking with.


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