20 Top E-Commerce Trends | Set up your Online Store for 2020

The e-commerce industry is growing at a dizzying pace. Every day there is information about recorded increases in the share of e-commerce in the total volume of sales in Poland. No wonder that the industry is climbing up and trends are hard to keep up.

Table of Contents

  • Mobile-First Index
  • Efficient customer service
  • Personalization of the offer
  • Customer experience
  • Unique Content
  • Social media
  • Social Commerce
  • chatbots
  • Augmented Virtual Reality
  • Free returns
  • Instant delivery
  • Mobile payments in e-commerce
  • Voice orders
  • Google graphics
  • Shopping through photos
  • Content video
  • Influence marketing
  • Traditional shops
  • B2C and B2B interpenetration
  • Follow the latest trendsPRICE ONLINE STORE

1. Mobile-First Index, or M-commerce oracle of your positions

Is the phone an extension of your hand?¬†So don’t be surprised that this mobile should be your keynote for the next few years.¬†If online stores want to operate at a high level, they must allow shopping over the phone.¬†Mobile devices are used by consumers both for making transactions and just browsing products, which is why the e-store website must be responsive and adapted to the mobile recipient.

IMPORTANT! Google operates according to the Mobile-First Index principle, which means that it is the mobile version of your store that determines the position of your website in search results.

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2. Efficient eCommerce customer service

“No matter how, as long as they say” – this saying does not work in online stores.¬†In the era of the Internet and social networking, every dissatisfied customer can express his opinion, showing it to all your recipients.¬†Black PR is not what an online store needs, so you should care for efficient customer service.¬†And if there is a slip-up, you must react like a sprinter, so that anger and dissatisfaction do not affect the image of the entire store and do not result in the loss of other customers.

3. Personalization of the offer in e-commerce

Personalization is the keyword in the upcoming seasons. A thorough analysis of the data is needed to climb this field. You can get recipient preferences and information about their behavior by combining AI and Machine Learning. Thanks to such treatments, you will adjust your sales activities to the expectations of your potential customers.

4. Customer experience

One of the most important trends is caring for the feelings of customers. The customer experience consists of both their service and adaptation to preferences, appropriate communication and giving them a sense of uniqueness. This trend is not just about finalizing your order. Customer experience covers the entire purchasing process and you must remember that.

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5. Unique content is always included

Valuable content in an online store is also a path to your success in terms of positioning.¬†Your website will be better visible when you place your own product and service descriptions.¬†Blog entries can also be an additional reinforcement.¬†The more unusual content you find in your online store, the more you will support your SEO.¬†Jump to even higher positions by using keywords in your texts.¬†We do not mean clogging the page with “pretzels”.¬†Try to make the published content valuable to your potential customers.

6. Social media

A few years ago, social media became the main way of communicating with companies and will continue to gain strength. Communication and active action in social networks is a trend that will strengthen its position from year to year. Fan pages build loyalty and attachment of customers to a given online store. They are also a ticket to a growing number of recipients by publishing attractive product presentations or special offers.

7. Social Commerce – sales in social media

Have you heard about social selling?¬†This is a trend that is just beginning, but it has great potential for the future.¬†After all, social media bring together many potential customers on their platforms, so it’s worth getting a bit of interest in this novelty.¬†Fan pages give brands more and more opportunities.¬†Companies on Facebook can create catalogs with their products, while Instagram allows you to mark them in photos.¬†The Marketplace platform turned out to be a kind of revolution, i.e. such small Facebook pages allegro.¬†We can expect that in terms of online shopping, Facebook will continue to grow and speed with the introduction of new novelties.¬†We are looking forward to them ūüôā

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8. Chatbots in e-commerce

Customer requirements for online stores are constantly increasing.¬†Internet users are looking for ideal solutions and products at different times of the day.¬†E-stores must keep pace with them, which is why the era of Chatbots has arrived.¬†They allow all-day contact with customers, but they must be well programmed.¬†Let’s remember that this is only artificial intelligence and it cannot predict all of your clients’ problems.¬†It is definitely a way that will improve your contacts and partially satisfy the recipients, and yet they are the most important.

9. Augmented virtual reality – VR

Technology is moving forward, and with it, new trends in e-commerce are emerging.¬†Would you think a few years ago that you’ll be able to choose products based on real visualizations?¬†Today it is possible!¬†An example is Ikea, which focused on the application with the spirit of modernity.¬†However, this is not such a usual addition.¬†Thanks to augmented virtual reality, you can see how products from the Swedish network offer are presented in your home before buying them.¬†We are sure that the giants will be followed by other brands, and VR and AR will be key trends in the e-commerce industry.

10. Free returns and e-commerce

No queues for fitting rooms and cash registers, shopping in the comfort of your own home Рthese are the features that create an advantage of online stores over those of stationary ones. But it is not everything! Online shopping is increasingly easy to return, which has paved the way for a new trend, especially popular among the clothing industry. Customers order several products, try them on at home, and choose one of them. What about the rest? Other articles are sent by courier at the expense of the company. This is a huge convenience for customers, which drags them to online stores offering free returns.

11. Instant delivery is the foundation of e-commerce

Same day delivery is a direction that is doing well in the area of ‚Äč‚Äče-stores with groceries, while still limping in other industries.¬†The main reason is, of course, the prices of transport services, but this turns out not to be a sufficient excuse.¬†Customers are willing to pay more to receive the ordered product the same day.¬†This is a sign of e-stores to enable this option for their buyers.¬†The more so that the network of sellers and suppliers is constantly growing and more and more online stores are starting to take advantage of this delivery gap.¬†There is another way to do it.¬†Large companies approach transport comprehensively, building their own logistics centers or spreading their warehouses throughout Europe.¬†Of course, these are solutions for giants, but certainly, every online store can find its golden mean for delivery the same day!

12. Mobile payments in e-commerce

I guess nobody likes to fill out transfer forms and other data necessary for online shopping.¬†For many potential customers, this is the main reason for abandoning shopping carts.¬†In a quick comparison, it turns out that buyers prefer to even give up the product than “play around” in confirmation or leave shopping for later.¬†Fast payments give you the opportunity to buy a given product here and now, at any time, anywhere, and this is where the e-commerce world is going today.¬†It turns out that the popularity of mobile payment by application or phone is gaining more and more followers.¬†Over time, there will only be more of them, and payments will be even faster and easier.

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13. E-commerce online store – voice orders

Shopping online should be above all convenient. So why not introduce the option to place orders by voice? Some time ago, we were able to observe Alexa entering the market, i.e. a device that carries out our commands Рsearching for information on the internet, turning on music, etc. This system was used by Amazon India to place orders by voice. It is used only for re-purchase, but this technology is constantly evolving, so we can expect that soon thanks to artificial intelligence we will be able to buy using voice. After the success of Alexa and Amazon Echo Dot, their counterparts have already appeared on the market like Homepod from Apple with the voice of Siri.

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14. Graphics on Google

Did you know that most of your customers start shopping by browsing products in the “graphics” tab?¬†If your online store has obtained photos from producers so far, it is better to exchange them in advance for your own suggestions.¬†Due to customization, Google will pay more and more attention to photographs.¬†As with content, the more diverse and unique the better.

15. Shopping through photos

Now that we know how important unique photos are and what role they play in the online shopping process, it’s time to go a step further.¬†Shopping through photos is a trend that allows you to go to a given product in the online store, directly from the graphics placed on social media.¬†Popular platforms such as eBay and Instagram have already introduced the option of image search.¬†Even world-class stars have become interested in this trend.¬†With the help of Kim Kardashian West, the ScreenShop application was created, thanks to which you can buy almost any product appearing in the photo we are interested in.¬†There is nothing else but to browse photos and shop online ūüėČ

16. Content video

Film materials are still hot. The YouTube platform is one of the most popular search engines, which proves the need to provide customers with just such content. Online stores can thus reach completely new recipients, gaining more opportunities for promotion. Instructional videos, tutorials Рthey will rule all the time!

17. Influence marketing

An undeniable trend in the e-commerce industry in cooperation with bloggers and famous people. Entering such relationships translates into greater sales and recognition of the online store.

For example:

  • If a vlogger loved by potential buyers is shopping in your store and mentions it in your video, you can be sure that most of her fans will definitely look at him.

Potential also lies in affiliate marketing. Tossing discount codes for influencers to pass on to observers may result in breaking your online store page record shortly after they publish the video.

18. Traditional shops – back to the roots

We should not expect that a great boom for online sales will replace our stationary stores. On the contrary, leading brands are coming back to analog solutions and opening traditional sales locations. Even stores based exclusively on websites from the beginning are increasingly opting for standard outlets. Why? There are still many people who shop in the traditional way and this should not be underestimated.

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19. B2C and B2B interpenetration

Business customers see companies seeking individual customers and also want to get the most out of it. This causes the blurring of the boundaries between B2B and B2C sales. Offers are personalized to the customer, regardless of its type. The trend results in the creation of functions and solutions for companies that until now have been reserved only for individual consumers.

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20. Follow the latest trends

Changes, changes, and changes again.¬†There is no way to keep up with them without observing the first seeds of a new trend.¬†To stay up to date with news from the world of e-commerce, check what’s going on every day.¬†Otherwise, your competitors will leave you far behind.