How eCommerce Images Impact On Sales and Boost Productivity

We all know that quality pictures of your product can improve sales dramatically and turn skeptical folks into your loyal customers (but not right on the spot, it will take time).

The key secret to a successful online shop is that good images are a must. You may skip writing descriptions and upload a sufficient number of photos, product names, and prices and get the first sales. Initially, the ideal approach to promote the product in front of the public is getting the specialist of amazon product photography service. Yes, e-commerce pics can work wonders, and in this brief article, we will explore how they reach the customers’ soft spots and make them crave your goods.

Seeing is believing 

Let’s get down to basics: how did people buy things throughout history? They saw them, touched them, sniffed them (if it was some kind of food), tried them on or evaluated convenience of use, and then paid money. Visual contact with goods was the prime trigger of desire to buy (or to look for another seller). Today, scholars explain everything with the help of figures, and in this case, figures say the same: we remember about 80% of information if we saw it and about 20% if we read or heard it. So, yes, in sales, image is everything, and it is a scientific fact.

Future of sales business 

If we look at images and sales in the context of the web, AI, VR, and everything in-between, we will see even more interesting trends. Since the advent of ‘Ok Google’ and Alexa, people want to facilitate every task and outsource it to the computer and its capacities. Younger consumers (among them 60% of Millennials) report that they want to have an option of image search when they look for a specific item to buy. It means that the search involves not keywords but images. Like, you take a snapshot of your friend’s tee and type one word ‘buy’. And now imagine that your ecommerce does not have images of corresponding theme or quality. It’s a fatality! 

How to maximize the commercial impact of your images 

Now it is time to clarify how you can use the data on image importance to improve your product gallery. Whether you order customized product photography in Austin or Los Angeles or do your homebrew photoshoot, remember these rules and use them to your benefit. 

– About one-fifth of all returns happen because customers unpack their purchase and see an item different from what was presented on the site. How does it happen? Poorly chosen background, lack of lighting, and abundance of props distort the real look of the item. Besides, they distract from the item itself, so a customer may easily overlook some detail that will disappoint them later. So style the shoot very carefully. 

– Do not settle on a single picture. Around one-third of customers regularly report that they want to see more pictures of the offered item when they shop on various platforms. Moreover, around 60% of online shoppers claim that they want to have the 360º-view option. It makes them feel as if they hold the actual product and rotate it in their hand. So do not fail to use this encouraging trick in your shop.

– Mind the image size. For sure, the bigger the better (in terms of resolution), but big selling platforms like Shopify or Amazon have limits as to photo size. Check it up before uploading. If you run your size, keep in mind that images should load for customers really quickly. There is the 3-seconds rule: if a page does not load in 3 seconds, people will go to another site, and if an image does not load in the same 3 seconds, they will look for another vendor. So balance the image size and loading capacity of your website engine. Better reduce the image size slightly but ensure that it loads immediately. 

Basically, these are the key numbers and tips connected to these numbers that will make your product images work for you. It is impossible to forecast every situation that may happen, but if you keep in mind these rules, your shop should run smoothly and profitably for you. Test and try and you will achieve the optimal images combo and see your sales grow! 


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