Ecomhunt Reviews (2021): Coupon Codes & Up To 60% Discount 2021!

Started a new dropshipping store?

Great, super happy for you!

But starting a sustainable dropshipping business takes more than just starting it.

And the most important thing which is required to start a successful dropshipping business is to pick up the right product to sell on your online store.

You have two options for it first you can manually search the products for your store and second you can use a product sourcing tool like Ecomhunt.

If you ask me then I would surely go with the second and would recommend you to do so as well.

In this in-depth Ecomhunt review I would be exploring its tools, the things it does, and a lot more.

So, let’s get started.

Ecomhunt Quick Review

Ecomhunt is a great product-finding tool for beginners who don’t have any idea of Facebook ads and retargeting.

But one tip just don’t copy every detail you get in this tool because it would make you similar to all those people who are doing it.

So, to beat the competition do your own thing😊.

You can check out this amazing tool for FREE from here and if you like it then you can upgrade your plan as well.

What is Ecomhunt Tool?

Ecomhunt is a winning product-finding tool for your eCommerce or Dropshipping store.

On this platform, the products are picked by the experts in eCommerce, based on the social media engagement the product has got, newness, and sales on other eCommerce stores.

These products are regularly updated based on product quality, not quantity.

Which I found great in this tool because it helps in removing bad products as much as possible from this tool which helps in increasing the conversion rate of products.

Tools you get inside Ecomhunt

Here are all the tools that you would find inside Ecomhunt:

  • Ecomhunt Classic – Trending products finder
  • Ecomhunt live – Helps in catching the trends before the competitors
  • Ecomhunt lucky – Find a winning product even if you don’t have any clue which product to choose
  • Ecomhunt tracker – Track any product from different places like Aliexpress, Shopify, and Facebook ads.
  • Ecomhunt Adam – Aliexpress product research virtual assistant
  • Ecomhunt extension – A chrome extension that helps you hunt down your competitors Facebook ads and Shopify stores.

How does Ecomhunt work?

Ecomhunt in simple language takes the weight off your shoulders of finding the trending products for your eCommerce or dropshipping store.

These products are regularly updated and also come with a lot of data which would help newbies to make some profit from their store ASAP!

Here is the data that you get inside every product:

  • Basic information of the product
  • Product saturation inspector
  • Product analytics
  • Product engagement on social media
  • Facebook ad example
  • Product video and a lot more…

What’s included in Ecomhunt Winning products

Here is a brief overview of everything that you would get inside Ecomhunt winning products:

Product title, description, and image – With every product, you would get its name, description, and its image

Import to buttons – Through these buttons, you can directly import this product to your Shopify or Aliexpress store

Product save button – You can easily save your favorite product to sell it again in future

1 On 1 with Jack Kaching – You can review your store, know about targeting, testing, and more by talking 1 On 1 with expert Jack Kaching.

Product Saturation Inspector – Helps you find if the product you are picking is saturated or not. It would help you choose only the best products for your store

Your profit and cost – Tells you the cost of the product you have to pay and the profit you can get on the product

Product analytics – It includes all the details of the product such as orders, reviews, ratings, and more

Engagement on social media – Tracks how many likes, shares and comments the product is getting on social media

Links to supplier – This link is only for pro plan users which helps you directly go to the actual product from the supplier

Aliexpress and eBay sales graph – Sales graph from popular stores like Aliexpress and eBay to know the popularity of the product

Ecomhunt pricing and Coupon code – 31% Instantly OFF!

Ecomhunt currently offers only two pricing plans which are the free plan and pro plan.

Let’s see each of them in-depth:

1. Ecomhunt Free plan

The first plan is its FREE plan which comes with very limited features like 2 products daily with limited data and stats.

Also, you won’t get many features of the products like:

  • Targeting
  • Ads
  • Product Links
  • Stores already selling products and a lot more.

However, it is a great point to test this tool and make mind to invest in it or not.

2. Ecomhunt Pro plan

In this plan, you get all the data, stats, and features of the product at Ecomhunt. This would help you find great products faster than your competitors.

DO invest in it if you are serious about your eCommerce or Dropshipping business!

Ecomhunt coupon code and discount

Ecomhunt comes with a special coupon code which you can avail to get a significant discount on its pro plan.

You can opt for a monthly plan that has a 31% discount which comes for $20 per month.

And for a bigger discount, you can go for its yearly plan where you get a 41% discount with the price of $17 per month

Ecomhunt Key Features

Here are some key features of Ecomhunt that I like in this product sourcing tool:

1. 1 On 1 Consultation

You can easily consult with the expert Jack Kaching 1 On 1 and ask all your doubts about targeting, testing, scaling, and a lot more.

Along with that, you can ask him to review your store as well.

It would help you optimize your online store so you can get more sales.

2.Ecomhunt winners club

If you are using this tool and through it, you have made more than $5k sales then you can apply for its winner club.

You get a place in their hall of fame and a cool T-shirt.

3. A lot of material to learn

Ecomhunt comes with a lot of tutorials, webinars, and learning material to properly set up and scale your online store.

4. Identify trending products

Ecomhunt is a fully-fledged platform that helps you find trending products easily, add them to your store and make some profits online.

5. Hunt down your competitors ads

You can easily hunt down your competitors Facebook ads by using the Ecomhunter Adhunter tool.

You can find its strategies and replicate them on your products.

6. Get and analyze financial and marketing data about products

As I have told that in Ecomhunt you get a lot of financial and marketing data about the product which helps you choose trending products and market them properly as well.

Ecomhunt problems

Ecomhunt is not perfect neither is any other tool on the earth. So here are the problems that I found in this tool:

1. Pricing sometimes is whacky

Sometimes the pricing of products at Ecomhunt can become whacky sometimes.

For example here is a name stamp listed on Ecomhunt.

And here is its pricing.

Who on earth would give me this much price of a name stamp😂.

2. Free version is so much limited

I would suggest Ecomhunt to give some more features in their free plan as it is too limited even if you are a beginner.

3. Related products are not actually related

After each product at Ecomhunt, you would get some related products at the end which are not actually related.

Which I found annoying.

Who should use Ecomhunt?

Here are some people which should definitely use this amazing product finding tool:

  • Want a free E-commerce product research tool
  • Just starting with Facebook ads and retargeting
  • Looking for products to sell without much effort

Who shouldn’t use Ecomhunt?

Here are some people which should keep themself straight away from this tool:

  • Want more tools for product research. Try Dropship Spy instead
  • If you are purely lazy (Don’t start a Dropshipping store)

Ecomhunt Alternatives and Competitors

Here are some alternatives and competitors of Ecomhunt which you can use:

  • Pexda
  • Dropship spy
  • Niche Scraper

Your Turn Now!

Ecomhunt is a great tool for finding working products for your online store which comes at a really affordable pricing.

I know that Ecomhunt is not the most perfect product-finding tool.

However, still it is one of the best and cheap tools out there.

Now you tell me in the comments do you like the features that you get in this tool?

Also, share this blog post as it would motivate me to create more such content for you.