Eco-friendly Ideas For Your Next Event

Sustainability of the ecosystem is one of those trends that refuses to die down and is garnering more popularity every day. In the last few years, apart from the scientific community, many people have spoken extensively about the importance of sustainability and how it would help negate the effects of pollution on the planet.

With the growing conscience towards environmental sustainability, consumers, brands, and organizations are aligning their business practices and goals with this movement. As a result, a sustainable approach to doing business is no longer a hip trend but a normal practice across all industries, including event planning.

Why The Need to Adopt Sustainable Event Planning Techniques?

Did you know that each event attendee produces 1.85 kgs of waste every day that ends up eventually in landfills? This waste includes packaging, food, booth setup, and much more. 

According to a survey carried out by Powerful Thinking, 20 kilotons of CO2 is emitted at each event apart from 100 kilotons of carbon footprint generated during event audience and participant travels. To avoid such unfavourable circumstances, it is vital to adopt sustainable practices for event planning, management, and participation for the hosts and retailers participating in these trade fairs.

Here are some benefits of going green while participating in the next event:

  1. Cuts Down Event Costs and Wastes Produced: The primary focus for all events should be to produce the minimum amount of waste possible. Sustainable practices are vital for proper waste management and make the process comparatively easier and simple.
  1. Positive Brand Image: When brands do what they say, it makes a very powerful statement that they are steadfast in their principles and values. Choosing eco-friendly displays will help customers connect with the brand and create a positive image in their minds.
  1. Increased Foot Traffic: Most people, especially from the Gen Z and millennial generations, gravitate more toward sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Adopting eco-friendly practices for your next event will gain you brownie points, giving you an edge over your competitors in the market.

Environment-Friendly Ideas To Adopt for Your Next Event

Choose Eco-Friendly Display Stands:

Displays and banners are attendees’ first contact points with your brand. So, these displays will have to be visually pleasing while being creative. With the green revolution gaining ground in all aspects, it is high time to replace vinyl and PVC banners with more eco-friendly substitutes like Re-board displays and fabric displays.

Re-board Display:

Re-board is a recent discovery in the field of retail printing. An eco-friendly alternative to MDF boards, Re-board is the ultimate solution for point-of-sale exhibits, event booths, retail displays, and pop-up stores.

Long-lasting and durable, Re-board is preferred over MDF due to its structural strength and immense load-bearing capabilities. The fact that it is lightweight adds to the many advantages of this product.

Re-board is a unique iteration of the paperboard. It is strong and flexible, making it suitable for various applications. The fluted core of this product gives the designers the creative license to cut and fold it in any shape or form imaginable. Re-board comes with an immaculate white surface supporting digital prints and laminate finishes with ease.

Re-board displays are easy to transport and assemble when needed, thanks to their low weight. The best part about Re-board displays is that it supports sustainable printing and contain no harmful chemicals or compounds. The product is completely recyclable and leaves behind a minimal to zero carbon footprint.

Fabric Display Banners:

Most traditional retail printing revolves around rigid formats. In comparison, the fabric looks and feels luxurious and adds a whole new dimension and texture to the market of eco-friendly exhibition stands.

Fabric is adaptable, breathing life into the visuals created for exhibitions and trade shows. With fabric commonly used in making event standees and displays, it has become much more affordable to get them than traditional displays. Moreover, the long lifespan of fabric eco-friendly displays ensures that you can use the masterpiece in various events without worrying about external wear and tear.

Avoid Plastic

Suppose the numerous videos on YouTube and worldwide environmental campaigns have convinced you to take the greener path. In that case, the first thing to eliminate from your business process is plastic. Disposable plastic used in your brick-and-motor shop or at an event booth is difficult to recycle. It tends to be a nightmare for waste management executives. 

Here are some simple and easy steps you can take to eliminate plastic while planning for your next event appearance:

  • Replace plastic cutlery with biodegradable ones like bamboo-based spoons, forks, and cups.
  • Rather than handing out brochures and printed materials packed in plastic, go digital. Set up QR codes that can be scanned for more information on the brand, services, and products.

In Conclusion

Apart from these two, there are various other measures that you can take to stay sustainable for your next event. Here are some ideas that you might want to try out:

  • Eco-friendly booth decor
  • Sustainable food and catering
  • Eco-friendly giveaways
  • Recycle as much as possible

With the help of these tips going green for your next event would not be a tough task.


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