eClinicalWorks features that you didn’t even know you needed (2021)

With so many powerful capabilities in the eClinicalWorks EHR, deciding which products are appropriate for your clinic can be difficult. Many of our clients are unsure if they are utilizing the most appropriate eClinicalWorks EHR products, features, and connectors. The easiest way to get the most out of the eClinicalWorks EHR is to figure out what your practice’s goals, workflows, and obstacles are. Whether you’re just getting started with eClinicalWorks EHR or looking to improve features you’ve been using for a while, there are certainly even more chances for your practice within eClinicalWorks.

What is eClinicalWorks EHR?

eClinicalWorks EHR is a well-designed platform that allows users to securely store private patient data and streamline operations. The goal of this product is appropriate for eClinicalWorks’ purpose of redefining what is possible — and expected — in healthcare IT.

Over 80,000 hospitals and healthcare providers across the world use eClinicalWorks EMR software. They also provide specialized services for over 50 different medical specialties. They’re also recognized for developing some of the most creative features, such as their virtual assistant, Eva, and their telehealth solution, Healow.

How eClinicalWorks helps you put patients first? 

Simple to use, eClinicalWorks EMR offers a variety of specialty-specific features that increase staff productivity while reducing human error. eClinicalWorks EHR software is a scalable, adaptable, and customized solution that focuses on your long-term success, whether you manage a small business or a full-scale hospital.

The list of unique features provided by eClinicalWorks EMR does not end there. It’s only the beginning. eClinicalWorks EMR software, like other medical software, simplifies medical charting and recordkeeping, removing the need for handwritten patient notes entirely.

eClinicalWorks EMR is used by healthcare practices to simplify operations, boost revenue, and improve patient interaction.

The following are the top eClinicalWorks EHR products and features that we recommend:

Patient Portal & Messenger: We have discovered that outreach such as appointment reminders, follow-up notifications, the ability to view results, referrals, and orders, view statements, and make payments, as well as using Messenger campaigns, increases medical office efficiency and streamlines workflow, not to mention it helps improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

eClinicalWorks Cloud-based solution: In today’s cloud-based environment, it’s critical that your personnel can safely access your EHR from anywhere and at any time. The eClinicalWorks online edition provides users with access to eClinicalWorks via the Google Chrome browser, as well as certain new capabilities that would not be available otherwise.

P2P (peer-to-peer/provider-to-provider): P2P (peer-to-peer/provider-to-provider) is an eClinicalWorks networking tool that connects clinicians in your neighborhood and across the country through encrypted messaging and patient information exchange. It enables providers to exchange resources and patient information in order to improve patient continuity of treatment.

eClinicalWorks App: It is critical that your physicians and employees have access to the EHR whenever and wherever they need it. The eClinicalWorks iPad software “eClinicalTouch” lets users see patient information, refill medications, document interactions, and appointments. Although the app is relatively limited in comparison to the web/desktop version, it assists your suppliers and staff in staying in touch and productive. Another software that allows the practice to access patient data from a mobile phone is “eClinicalMobile,” which is less limited but still provides key capabilities such as utilizing “Speech” to transcribe your notes in eClinicalWorks.

Televisits: In today’s and the post-COVID world, eClinicalWorks healow Telehealth Solutions are a must-have tool. Practices can use TeleVisits to provide care via video visits in a HIPPA-compliant way.

Patient Education: eClinicalWorks provides a variety of patient education solutions to help physicians share clinically accurate and diagnosis-related materials with their patients in order to keep them informed and enhance patient outcomes.

Smart Search (IMO): eClinicalWorks saves time IMO Smart Search enables physicians to rapidly seek up diagnostic codes, promoting proper recording.

ePrescribing: With eClinicalWorks, it is simple and safe to meet state standards for prescribing medications, including restricted drugs. APPRISS PDMP Check is an interface that, depending on the state, can be utilized effectively and efficiently for this necessary Check, allowing the practice to verify patient use.

Interoperability Hub: eClinicalWorks provides interoperability technologies to promote continuity of treatment between institutions and meet MIPS incentive criteria. Access to the countrywide Carequality and CommonWell networks, which exchange data with over 50 million practitioners and hospitals, is one of them.

Flexible ePayment options: eClinicalWorks and Transfirst have collaborated to provide a digital payment solution to help you collect patient payments through the Patient Portal, inside the appointment window, or in the Payment posting window.

Clearinghouse Interfaces: eClinicalWorks integrates with clearinghouses to assist practices in connecting with payers to establish insurance eligibility before treatments are given, as well as efficiently submitting and tracking claims, reducing A/R days, and maximizing claim reimbursement.

Population Health Solutions: To administer the CMS Chronic Care Management Program, eClinicalWorks delivers CCM (chronic care management), CCMR (actionable reporting), and PHM (population health management) to activate different incentive programs.

Satisfaction Survey: The eClinicalWorks customized patient satisfaction survey add-on enables clinics to send out surveys and gather patient satisfaction data in a smooth manner.

Equipment: eClinicalWorks interfaces with a wide range of medical devices, including blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and EKGs. These interfaces allow your facility to import data into the system instead of manually inputting it.

Final Words

An eClinicalWorks optimization specialist can assist you in creating the best use of eClinicalWorks EHR software, features, and integrations to improve efficiency and productivity in your practice after you have a strong knowledge of your practice’s existing goals, processes, and problems.