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=> 350 brand-new Ebooks with PLR Rights and MRR Rights. We cover the most profitable niches, such as health, wealth, dating, and many more. This includes sub-niches like weight loss, making money online, content creation, dating, etc.

These Ebooks come with full private label rights, which means you can change them, sell them, use them as they are, etc., with no restrictions. Here, you’re in charge.

This is the easiest way to have your own product to sell. If you want to make money online, you need your own product or service to sell. If you don’t have one, you don’t have a business.

You can now get 350 Ebooks that you can turn into products and sell online to make money (so act fast)

=> Save you time and money. With Ebook Cash, our goal is to save you time and money and make you HUGE profits.

Because of this, we only have ebooks in the most profitable niches, and they are all easy to edit, use, and sell.

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Video review for Front End only Ebook Cash

Ebook Cash  – Text From This Video

Hey, it’s Trevor here; I hope you’re very, very well. This is my ebook cash review, and ebook cash is my own personal launch, so I am very, very excited to bring this to you. You may have seen that we put out a product called the giant ebook kit before. Ebook cash is like version 2.0 of the giant ebook kit. Okay, so this is the most up-to-date and best ebook ever, and it comes with both PLR and MRR rights. Over 4000 cells have been filled in on the big ebook kit.

Ebook cash is very popular, and you won’t be let down by it.

So the thing about this is its incredible value. You know, we see a lot of stuff being released in the industry, and that is GPS to say the least. I’m not saying anything bad about anyone, but you should know that there’s a lot of hype in this industry. That’s why I like products like this one, which are actually useful. So, if you buy ebook cash, you’ll get 350 ebooks with PLR and MRR rights. PLR and MRR stand for “private label rights” and “master resale rights,” respectively.

“Private label rights” is what that means. You can do almost anything you want with it. You can change the name and call it your own. You can change the name and the words. You realize. What you want to do with Mrs.

Bonuses for the Cash OTO book

They tend to be a bit more ready to go when it comes time to sell, so you can sell them and keep all the money. So both of these options are brilliant when you’re starting out, and in case you didn’t know, that’s how this whole business started. Back in the day, I was launching a product with my then mentor, Fergal Downs, a good friend of mine, and I needed a product to launch, so I thought to myself, “What do I know? What can I show you?” What can I get rid of? Um, Fergal said that traffic was always a good thing, so I thought, what if I found some traffic PR and launched that? I didn’t know much about anything back then, so I found this piece of PR and bought it. When I got it, I realized that I couldn’t release it as it was, but it gave me a great foundation.

It’s like using a creative template instead of your own mind. What can I let go of? Did you know how a product is put together? So I did what was asked of me. I sold it.

Okay, so I took that piece of PLR and turned it into a product that we sold. We made more than $8,000, which I thought was pretty cool at the time, since it was my first launch and all it took was one piece of PLR.

Now, with ebook cash, you get about 350 books for the price of one, so it’s clear that it’s a great deal.

Now, when I launched that product, the next one I launched was with my good friend and mentor at the time, Mark Bishop. Together, we made a product called Pimpa Pimpr, which showed you how I launched the product with Fergal. So, I sold that PLR and made more than $8,000 from it. The PLR launch itself made more than $35,000, and things have kind of gotten worse since then. I’ve now made well over two million dollars with Warrior Plus, and I’m very thankful. You know, I’m blessed to be able to work like this from the comfort of my own home here in the UK or anywhere in the world. That’s what I want to be, so that’s why I’m so passionate about this and why this is a no-brainer for you.

Cash OTO AIUpsell Ebook

So this is going to be me renaming it, rebranding it, pimping it, and making a new product, and just giving you ideas to Fast Track that so you can do that yourself. I’m a firm believer in teaching you to Create so that you can literally create money whenever you want, and as I said, this package gives you a lot of chances to do that.

So this could be the first thing you do.

You already know. This could be you now and in the future. You could be sitting where I am; we’re not right here, but you know the same thing. You know that being a few million dollars ahead is a great place to start. It’s also a simple way to start, since you don’t have to think too much.

You must market that PLR before you sell it and keep all the money you make, right?

So that’s a big bonus. What’s been waiting for you is the bundle that you can see below this video. Even though I’m the seller, you’ll need to check your cookie for me now if you want full, instant access to everything there if you buy through my link. If you want these extra bonuses, you’ll need to come through my affiliate link, which means you’ll need to go to the checkout page, the checkout cart page on Warrior, and scroll to the bottom to see a little round. When you move your mouse over the person icon, my name, Trevor Khan, will appear as the affiliate.

If you see that, you’re a cookie to me, and you’ll get all the bonuses you see below this video. Okay, so just to quickly walk you through the funnel we have here, the front-end product on eBook Cash is 350 of these quality ebooks with PLR and ML-MRR, and the Oto one is a massive upgrade of ebook articles, graphics, and audios! It’s a multimedia upgrade at an unbelievable price. You were expecting me to say Then, didn’t you get a lot for your money, and wasn’t it a great deal? You know what happens when you launch a product: the product launch happens, and the prices are so low during the launch that it’s a no-brainer for you to buy.

Ebook Cash OTOs Linka

So that’s the one about Oto. Now, the oto-2 is also a very special one for this, and you’ll love it. I’ve done all the training I’ve gotten from Pimpin PR, so I’m talking about webinar replays and webinar replays for coaching. I’m talking about video courses, ebooks, cheat sheets, templates, and everything else I have related to pimping PLR. I’ve put it all in an easy-to-navigate members area, and you’ll get access to it at a fraction of the normal cost, so that’s a great upgrade to OTO2 and OTO3. It was also called “resellers” at times.

I call it a “commission bump,” but it’s more like having your own full product with the whole sales funnel.

If you’re the seller, it’s like you’re me, because you get a commission bump on the whole funnel for ebook cash, the product we’re talking about right now. So that means you pay cash for ebooks. Yes, you believe. This is not bad.

I could tell you that it’s a good deal, but you already know that.

I could sell this, and all you have to do is use your affiliate link to send people to the sales page. That will get you approved for sure, and you can keep all the money. So if they buy ebook cash instead of me or me and Luanne, you get all the money, and if they buy the Oto one, you get all the money they spend on the Oto2, Oto3, Oto4, etc. So, oto3, if you say that costs $97, some people might think, wow, that’s not cheap. Is it no?

It’s neither cheap nor expensive. You’re like 97 in that you like to have your own product and sell it, but you only have to do that once. You give it some thought. If someone pays $97 for the front end and then gets the Oto for free, you’ve made back your $97 and are in the black. Everything after that is also profit. So, you know, it’s a great way to make money.

Cash Local OTO Ebook

I always tell my students to take it, and if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that it’s the one Oto I always tell you to take. I’m not sure how long we can keep bumping you to make you as good as the vendor, but for now, we can make the most of it, and Oto-4 is another training package in a members-only area. All of it was written and performed by me, and it gives you a good idea of what I would do if I had to start all over from the beginning. How would I go again, and what I like about that is that it’s perfect for anyone. If you’re not making between $300 and $400 a day, this will show you how to get there. So, those are the otos, then.

This is a great product and a great chance to get something of real value that you can keep and do whatever you want with. I would also suggest using them as bonuses for affiliate promotions you might do on Warrior Plus or ClickBank. By giving bonuses, you increase the value of the offer you’re making to those people, and you can use these over and over and over again, since you just buy ebook cash. You only pay for it once, and then you can use it to make money forever. Okay, so go ahead. eBook cash, please get it and cook it for me. Pick up those otos and let’s make some money, if you want my bonuses.

If you have any questions until then, please let us know. I hope the best for you. Be careful.

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