EBL For Safe and Sustainable Batteries and Chargers

EBL batteries have established themselves as a reliable product manufacturer. They are committed to offering products with enhanced recharge-ability, stable performance, and reliable battery lifetime. EBL has been in this business since 1998 and has made efforts in aligning with the changing digital technologies. 

EBL pledges to offer customers batteries and chargers that can be recharged hundreds of times to lessen air pollution. Every piece of product they produce is relevant to eco-friendly standards without compromising on lifespan and output performance. The customers are requested to participate in their Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Movement— by using the batteries properly and safely. Together they aim to get more power but with low pollution!

The EBL 14500 Rechargeable battery is designed for high capacity and performance. The cylindrical Li-Ion battery is convenient to use in products where 3.7 Voltage is essential. For demanding devices and electronics the high voltage 3.7 battery is more suitable than alkaline AA. 

The 850mAh is a power source for several portable devices including transmitters & receiver remotes for RC airplanes/cars/glider/hovercraft, flashlights, etc. Users can recharge the batteries 1200 times without any concerns about memory defects. 

Li-Ion chemistry is eco-friendly and wallet-friendly because the same call can be recharged hundreds of times. The 850mAh capacity can keep the device powered longer than the competitor’s product, so users can use the device before recharging at a low cost. The battery has built-in protection against short-circuits, extreme temperature, and overheating. 

The EBL 14500 Rechargeable battery is available in a pack of 4 and 8. The dimension of the rechargeable battery is 7.50” [L] x 7.40” [W] x 3.20” [H]. When the battery is not used for three years, it has 75% capacity because of enhanced low self-discharge [500mAh 12A MAX]. 

EBL remains a household name for 1.5V USB Rechargeable D Batteries 10000mWhSingle USB rechargeable D Li-Ion batteries can replace 4,000 disposable alkaline batteries because of their recharging nature. It means buyers get better value! As it is rechargeable in nature fewer batteries end up in landfills as they last long. Few batteries are also equal to low carbon footprints for manufacturing. 

The 1.5 V output is consistent from the start to finish. There are no issues with the decline in performance. The USB Rechargeable D Batteries 10000mWh offers conveniences there is no need to get frustrated for untimely replacements of a dead battery. The fast charging technology allows users to charge the batteries quickly and get on addressing their urgent needs. Another convenience is to plug in a computer or solar panel or power bank or car’s USB port on the go. 

The 10,000mWh means ultra-large capacity Li-Ion batteries support stable power for household devices that need D-cells. It is used in a flashlight, LED candles, gas water heaters, spotlight, toys, baby monitors, gas stoves, etc. There is an indicator light – the red light turns green when fully charged. Charge it anywhere with a micro USB cable. Multiple safe protections against over-charge, over-voltage, over-discharged, and short circuit. 

EBL offers comprehensive safe and sustainable batteries and chargers!