Ebike battery charging tips

An electric bike or ebike is one of the best ways to cut down on your carbon footprint while still enjoying the great outdoors. Of course, one of the major work is that you need to charge the battery. The battery in your ebike is one of the most important parts of the bicycle, so it’s important to take care of it. A properly charged battery will last for many years, but it’s easy to damage your battery if you use it incorrectly. Here are some ebike battery charging instructions to increase the health of your battery.

Ebike battery and charger

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Ebike battery charging tips

Modern batteries are designed such that there is no need to charge them daily. Only charge your battery when it drops to 35% or 40%, and unplug them when reaches 85 or 90%. Charging the battery after every use minimizes its life. Because every time you plug in it a new cycle begins. You consume more cycles if you reenergize it when it has not dropped below 50% you use more cycles of battery and hence life span decreases.

It almost takes 4 to 5 hours to charge a fully empty battery, don’t charge more than 4 to 5 hours. Charging the battery for a long time heats it and affects the circuit. And hence battery life decreases. But the magicycle battery can save you from this trouble, it has internal cooling systems that avoids the battery from overheating and increase the life of the battery.

Charge your bike at the proper place where it is not too hot (below 60o F) and not too cold (above 32o F). Try to charge it in a space where there is no danger of water splash or fire. To save it from any damage place it far from the reach of kids and pets.  

To increase the battery’s health, always use a good quality charger to charge it. To avoid any battery hazard you can use the best charger provided at magicycle. 

If you also don’t want your battery to turn from green to yellow and red very fast, you have to move toward the magicycle 52v battery. It gives more power to your ebike and is long-lasting. 

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