Easy Way to Save Instagram Videos to Gallery on Android


Instagram as we know is one of the most popular social media, lots of interesting content can be found, especially for video type content. Could there be a way to save Instagram videos? Now in this article we will discuss it, how the steps so that the Instagram video that we want can be saved to the smartphone gallery.

As we know, Instagram from time to time always experiencing development, marked by many interesting new features, with a friendly and clean user interface.

Of course it makes the users more comfortable to use, no doubt at this time the function of Instagram is not only as a social media, but also used as a media of information, promotion, marketing, etc.

Because of that, now there are also interesting videos on Instagram as a result of the creativity of its users, which sometimes raises the desire to download or download the videos we want and then save them to the cellphone gallery.

Well, even though the download feature isn’t available on the default Instagram application, it can be tricked in a number of ways, namely with third-party applications and downloader sites for Instagram.

Easy Ways to Save Videos from Instagram

Here’s how and steps to save Instagram videos that can be practiced directly. It will not be difficult if you read this article carefully and thoroughly. But remember, in trying something new do not be afraid to fail, because failure will not cause sin, just try again until it works.

How to Save Instagram Videos with Applications

This method is quite easy and simple, just download the Instagram video downloader application on the Google Play Store or via the link provided below and follow the illustrations.

There are actually a number of third-party applications that can be used to download videos from Instagram. Nanum in this article uses the Video Downloader application – for Instagram Repost App.

Here’s how to use the Instagram Video downloader application:

  • First, install the Video Downloader application – for Instagram Repost App, through the link above, which will directly point to the Google Play Store.
  • Open the Instagram application, and find the video you want to save in the gallery.
  • Click the 3 point symbol, and select Copy Link.
  • Then open the Video Downloader application – for Instagram Repost App,
  • There will be 3 menu choices, repost, image download, and video download, select video download to save the video.
  • and paste / paste the video link, then there will be a download icon to save the desired video. Done.

How to Save Instagram Videos Without Applications

Other than using a third party application to download videos from Instagram, you can also use the website to download Instagram videos. This way there is no need to bother installing the application, just a few steps just have the video in the gallery storage.

There are several websites that provide Instagram Video downloader features such as:

Here are the steps

  • Open the Instagram app, and find the desired video,
  • Then after finding the video you want to download, click the 3 point symbol, and select Copy Link / Copy Link,
  • Open the browser that will be used to download the Instagram video,
  • visit igvideodownloader.com, paste / paste the video link under Enter URL,
  • Wait a few moments, until the download / download video button appears.
  • Done, just wait for the download process a few moments.

Until here the discussion on how to save the video institutional, if you have other ways or if there are things that need to be conveyed, can go through the comments below.